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A candidate for the B.A., B.M.E., or B.S. degree may select a minor field of concentration. A minor is optional and not required for graduation. Minors are available in most areas that offer major fields of concentration, as well as in computer science, computer information systems, dance, ethics, legal administration, and philosophy. Interdisciplinary minors in child and family studies, criminal justice, international studies, and women's and gender studies also exist. Students who complete the George Center for Honors Studies curriculum will earn a minor in humanities.

A minor consists of not less than 16 semester hours, with completion of at least eight of those hours at Greensboro College. At least 12 of the hours must include courses not counting toward the major, or cross-listed with the major. For a listing of specific requirements for each minor field of concentration, please consult the appropriate departmental page (above) or the Academic Catalog.

Teacher Licensure

Teacher licensure programs for education are available in these majors: Art, Biology, Birth Through Kindergarten, Comprehensive Science, Comprehensive Social Studies, Elementary, English, English as a Second Langage (add-on), Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Middle Grades, Music, Spanish, Special Education and Theatre.

Learn more about teacher licensure in those majors by consulting the appropriate departmental pages (listed above) or via the Teacher Education Program site.