B.A. in English & Communication Studies

Are you passionate about storytelling? Do you dream about working in the fast-paced industries of journalism or digital media? A B.A. in English and Communication Studies opens doors to a range of careers, including broadcasting, media production, advertising, marketing, social media management, and journalism.

At other colleges, you may be forced to make a choice between majoring in English or Communication coursework. At Greensboro College, we reflect the real-world values seen across many industry sectors, which means drawing on many areas of expertise. Our integrative major in English and Communication Studies is the right choice for developing the range of skills most relevant for current and future careers. You’ll take courses in creative writing, produce videos or podcasts, study communication principles, learn the ropes of strategic communication, and develop your unique, public-facing brand. Why focus narrowly when you can sample many areas? If you want to explore a path where you become a better storyteller, communicator, and critical thinker, this is the program for you.

Course Requirements

Students pursuing this major must complete the requirements linked below.

Why Choose This Degree?

A B.A. in English and Communication Studies will allow you to tap into your passion for communication, writing, broadcasting, social media, and more as you:

  • Get practice in and out of the classroom in creating content for a variety of media
  • Learn why journalism is now a field that favors broad training in multiple skills
  • Produce podcasts and videos to express yourself
  • Strengthen your passions for creating and storytelling
  • Polish your communication skills
  • Build the cultural knowledge that successful people draw upon to fascinate others

Why Earn it at Greensboro College?

At Greensboro College, earning a B.A. in English and Communication Studies means you’ll have unique opportunities to:

  • Gain practical, real-world experiences through coursework, internships, and capstone projects
  • Write, edit, or build a web presence for our award-winning student publications
  • Build an impressive portfolio of media projects and creative works
  • Think critically, read strategically, and write effectively for multiple professional and social environments in a department that values your career goals
  • Write, produce, and share stories that leave an impact and make a difference starting from your first year; there’s no need to wait until you advance in the major

What Can I Do After Graduation?

With your B.A. in English and Communication Studies, you can move on to graduate studies or get right to work in several, communication-related professions:

  • Social media management
  • Broadcasting (learn to be in front of and behind the cameras)
  • Advertising, marketing, and public relations
  • Writing, editing, and publishing
  • Digital media specialist
  • Journalism
Joshua Fitzgerald photo

“I loved the GC Honors program and Greensboro College. I felt safe and a sense of genuine belonging at the college. I worked closely with my thesis advisor and professors who helped inspire me to define my path and passion of interest. That path has led me to my doctoral studies in Engineering Mechanics.”

- Joshua Fitzgerald, Class of ’19, Mathematics Major

Joshua currently studies astrodynamics at Virginia Tech University and is an Engineering Mechanics Ph.D. Candidate.