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James Addison Jones Library

The James Addison Jones Library has an extensive collection, offering approximately 85,000 print books, DVDs, audiobooks, games, music scores and more for check-out with a Greensboro College ID. Through the catalog and through the Library website, students can also access over 168,000 e-books, 21,000 print and electronic journals, as well as many other electronic resources.

The Library houses 28 computer workstations, including 5 laptops that are available for students to borrow for in-library use. The Library also hosts a number of fun social events throughout the year, such as game nights, knitting lessons, craft projects, and a Halloween costume contest.

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Levy-Loewenstein Holocaust Collection

James Addison Jones LibraryThe Levy-Loewenstein Holocaust Collection comprises over 1,400 publications, art, and artifacts pertaining to the Holocaust and related subjects. This collection is housed in the James Addison Jones Library and was created through a gift from Richard Levy, a former trustee and his wife Jane in memory of their parents.

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Library Hours

The Library is open 85.5 hours per week during the academic year with extended hours during final exam periods. Staff members are happy to provide reference service, individual and small group instruction, interlibrary loan service, and assistance with other information needs. Check the Library’s hours.


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Contact Us

Contact the Library!

Greensboro College
James Addison Jones Library
815 West Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27401


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Library & Research Instruction

The Library provides instruction in the use of learning and information resources. In the Library’s most recent student satisfaction survey 100% of students who reported having a Library instruction session in their First Year Seminar class rated that session as useful! Library or research instruction sessions are suited to your needs. Depending upon the instructional needs of a class, the Library offers handouts on the library, research guides, as well as assignment specific resources. Classroom instruction also includes how to access and use remote information and subscription databases available through the Library web site. Schedule a session today. Request an instruction session today.


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Library Events

Each semester the Library plans and coordinates fun events for Greensboro College students, faculty, and staff. Past events have included game nights, costume contests, knitting classes, and more. Keep tabs with what’s happening in the Library by using our events calendar. See events happening in the Library.


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Library Spaces

Did you know that you can check out rooms in the Library for individual and group study? You can! Library spaces are first come first serve. All you need to do is come by the service desk and check out the key. Check the room calendars to make sure they aren’t blocked off for Library or College use. Note that the calendars do not show when another student has the room checked out. See the available rooms in the Library.


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Moodle is Greensboro College’s community course management system. It is where all faculty, staff, and students find information, where students turn in assignments or forms, and where everyone on campus interacts with each other. It’s easy to use. You can log in to moodle at: or click Moodle on the College’s web pages. You use the same username and password as you do for email. You also use the Moodle change password option in your Moodle profile to change your email password. For Moodle assistance, please email


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Library Statistics

Looking for information on what the Library and Librarians do on the Greensboro College campus? Take a peek at the statistics. See statistics on Library activity.

See the results of the library staff’s efforts to make the library more engaging!


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