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Department of Theatre

We aim to provide students with a strong theatre foundation while encouraging them to grow and succeed in their chosen concentration.

Students undertake a curriculum that integrates in-class learning with production work for a well-rounded understanding of the different facets of theatre. We encourage students to seek more by challenging and questioning why they want to be artists, and how their work will change the world we live in. After completing their chosen program, students will be prepared to enter graduate school, intern with theatre and arts programs, teach theatre, or apply their learned skills to pursue other professions.

Majors and Minors

  • Audition Information

    Audition Information How Do I Become a Theatre Major? The process for admission into the Theatre Program requires an audition or portfolio review and an interview by members of the theatre faculty. These requirements ensure that a candidate understands the requirements of the major and allow the faculty to review the candidate’s talent as well as his/her interests,… Read More

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  • Dance Minor

    Whether novices or experts, students at any level explore various dance styles, including ballet, ballroom, and hip hop, as well as learn different body awareness, posture, and tension release techniques. Students meet in dance studios for class and gain performance experience through showcases. Minors require 20 credits to complete.

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  • Lab Resources

    Lab Resources The Lab Theatre has been created in response to student demands for more student-conceived performance and process. Lab theatres have a rich history in more than 100 famous theatre schools across the country. Often the most exciting performance work is done in lab theatre. Columbia University,  UNC Greensboro, and UNC-Chapel Hill are examples of… Read More

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  • Past Productions

    Past Productions A typical season of productions in the Greensboro College Theatre Department will include: Additional experience comes from involvement in touring shows, children’s productions, and American College Theatre Festival competitions. Over their four years, students will participate in a wide range of theatrical experiences. Student recognition on the state, regional and national levels and consistently… Read More

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  • Theatre (B.F.A., B.A., B.S.) Major

    With a bachelor degree in theatre, students will explore their passion for this performing art while learning essential management, communication, and problem-solving skills that will help every aspect of their personal and professional lives. B.A. students will select and audition for one of the following concentrations: General Theatre, Acting, Costumes, Stage Management, or Theatre Education with licensure. B.F.A. students will choose from the following concentrations: Design/Technical Theatre, Directing, or Musical Theatre.

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  • Theatre Affiliations

    Theatre Affiliations Here is a list of beneficial organizations. You will want to become a member with some of them during your experience at Greensboro College. See also the links to regional resources for valuable information in your field of study. Regional Resources Dance Links Acting Performance Design / Technical Costumes Organizations

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  • Theatre Concentrations

    Theatre Concentrations Acting Concentration The mission of the Acting Concentration is to provide rigorous actor training in a liberal-arts context. At Greensboro College, we develop young artists as individuals through fostering and sharpening their imaginations, challenging them in a variety of experiences, and focusing on bringing honesty and truth into their acting. We are interested… Read More

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  • Theatre Facilities

    Theatre Facilities Learn more about Greensboro College Theatre’s performance, rehearsal and production spaces: Gail Brower Huggins Performance Center The Gail Brower Huggins Performance Center (GBHPC) is located in the Odell Building. Having undergone a $4 million renovation, it is a state-of-the-art performance facility. The performance center is a 787-seat proscenium with modified thrust stage. The front-of-house… Read More

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  • Theatre Minor

    Students gain a basic understanding of the different facets of theatre and have the opportunity to participate in select production work. Minors require 20 credits to complete.

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  • Theatre Scholarships

    Theatre Scholarships Theatre scholarships requirements Note: Additional institutional aid, including merit scholarships, will be limited for students who receive an arts scholarship.

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Memberships & Accolades

Our Department of Theatre is a part of and accredited by organizations that establish and support national standards for art and theatre-related disciplines. They include:

American College Theatre Festival
Association for Theatre in Higher Education
North Carolina Theatre Conference
Southeastern Theatre Conference
United States Institute of Theatre Technology

Department of Theatre at Greensboro College Accolades

Joshua Fitzgerald photo

“I loved the GC Honors program and Greensboro College. I felt safe and a sense of genuine belonging at the college. I worked closely with my thesis advisor and professors who helped inspire me to define my path and passion of interest. That path has led me to my doctoral studies in Engineering Mechanics.”

- Joshua Fitzgerald, Class of ’19, Mathematics Major

Joshua currently studies astrodynamics at Virginia Tech University and is an Engineering Mechanics Ph.D. Candidate.