Job Search, Salaries, Offers, & Negotiation

Ready to Look for a Job?

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Try These Job Search Methods

  • Cold Contact/Direct Mail
  • College Career/Alumni Offices
  • Corporate Career Centers/Websites
  • Job/Career Fairs
  • Networking/Informational Interviews/Job Shadows
  • Online Job Sites/Job Boards
  • Pounding the Pavement/Cold Calling
  • Professional Conferences
  • Professional/Trade Organizations
  • Recruiters/Headhunters/Staffing Agencies
  • Social Media
  • Want Ads

Additional Resources

Use this Job Search Checklist (PDF) [link] to help you stay organized in your job search.

Cirrus Insight, a customer relationship management organization, offers job seekers advice and email etiquette tips.

Use the Evaluating Offers & Strategies for Effective Negotiation (PDF), with information adapted from Kansas State University and the University of California at Berkley for advice on how to evaluate offers and how to effectively negotiate.

Job Boards

Click on a link to be taken to suggestions for job search sites for your desired area of interest.

Joshua Fitzgerald photo

“I loved the GC Honors program and Greensboro College. I felt safe and a sense of genuine belonging at the college. I worked closely with my thesis advisor and professors who helped inspire me to define my path and passion of interest. That path has led me to my doctoral studies in Engineering Mechanics.”

- Joshua Fitzgerald, Class of ’19, Mathematics Major

Joshua currently studies astrodynamics at Virginia Tech University and is an Engineering Mechanics Ph.D. Candidate.