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Department of mathematics

We are committed to helping students understand mathematical theory and foster their passion for numbers and analytics.

Our rigorous and application-based curriculum prepares students for careers as engineers, actuaries, statisticians, or mathematicians. Successful graduates will be ready to advance to graduate school in mathematics, statistics, engineering, computer science, or operations research; or teach mathematics at the middle grades or secondary level.

Majors and Minors

  • Data Science Major

    Data Science is the study of how we extract meaning from data, and in a data-driven world, professionals with this expertise are in high demand. This program prepares students to process, analyze, and present data from different domains and sources, as well as develop broader skills immediately applicable to the workplace.

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  • Mathematics Education Major

    Students interested and committed to educating the next generation can earn a bachelor of science and teaching licensure in mathematics.

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  • Mathematics Major

    Students will use logic and problem-solving skills to analyze mathematical concepts and recognize patterns, then apply what they’ve learned to their own mathematical research projects, presentations, and internships.

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  • Data Science Minor

    A minor in data science provides students an introduction to the field by developing their quantitative abilities and technical skills that will prepare them to process, analyze and present data from different domains and sources, as well as give them broader skills immediately applicable to the workplace. The minor requires 26 credit hours of course…

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  • Mathematics Minor

    Students will learn the fundamentals of mathematical proofs and patterns as well as gain a deep understanding of how mathematics influences everyday life. The minor consists of five courses.

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Our Mathematics Grads are Going Places

Joshua Fitzgerald ’19, B.S. in Mathematics (pictured)
Member, Ross Dynamics Lab and Ph.D. student, Engineering Mechanics Program, Virginia Tech

Margaret Sutton ’18, B.S. in Mathematics
Pursuing a master’s degree in meteorology and oceanography through the Department of Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at N.C. State University.

Lindsey Blackwelder ’18, B.S. in Mathematics
Middle Grades Education: 8th-grade mathematics and Social Studies teacher at Ledford Middle School, Davidson County, N.C.

Joshua Fitzgerald photo

Joshua Fitzgerald photo

“I loved the GC Honors program and Greensboro College. I felt safe and a sense of genuine belonging at the college. I worked closely with my thesis advisor and professors who helped inspire me to define my path and passion of interest. That path has led me to my doctoral studies in Engineering Mechanics.”

- Joshua Fitzgerald, Class of ’19, Mathematics Major

Joshua currently studies astrodynamics at Virginia Tech University and is an Engineering Mechanics Ph.D. Candidate.