B.S. in Mathematics

Are you a numbers person? Do you want to pursue a career in successful math-based professions? Our application-based curriculum for a B.S. in Mathematics is designed to prepare students who wish to be actuaries, statisticians, or mathematicians, and to provide a strong foundation for graduate school, as well as careers in engineering, computer science, and math research. If you’re a natural problem solver, love working with numbers, and are passionate about recognizing and analyzing patterns, then this is the program for you.

Course Requirements

Students pursuing this major must complete the requirements linked below.

Students majoring in Mathematics also have the option of earning a concentration in Coding for Musicians and Mathematicians. This new concentration for both Music and Math majors will develop coding skills that can allow for more job opportunities in various technical areas like sound engineering, composing, producing, electronics engineering, and more. The concentration also allows Math Majors who have an interest in music to increase their knowledge in music and learn how creative coding skills can be utilized in digital music composition and sound manipulation.

Why Choose This Degree?

A B.S. in Mathematics from Greensboro College will:

  • Lead to flexible career options in math-based professions and graduate school
  • Strengthen your passion for discovering patterns and working with numbers
  • Offer you job security in fields where a strong understanding of mathematics is essential for success

Why Earn it at Greensboro College?

At Greensboro College, earning a B.S. in Mathematics means you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn mathematical concepts and solve problems on a one-on-one basis with our faculty
  • Gain hands-on experience in this demanding field through exceptional internships
  • Be ahead of the competition by gaining the knowledge and experiences necessary prior to applying to graduate school
  • Work alongside equally passionate and numbers-driven individuals who are also going through your program

What Can I Do After Graduation?

In addition to being ready to apply for graduate school in time if you so choose, with your B.S. in Mathematics, you can also go right to work in several math-related professions, including: 

  • Actuaries
  • Statisticians
  • Mathematicians
  • Research Analyst
Joshua Fitzgerald photo

“I loved the GC Honors program and Greensboro College. I felt safe and a sense of genuine belonging at the college. I worked closely with my thesis advisor and professors who helped inspire me to define my path and passion of interest. That path has led me to my doctoral studies in Engineering Mechanics.”

- Joshua Fitzgerald, Class of ’19, Mathematics Major

Joshua currently studies astrodynamics at Virginia Tech University and is an Engineering Mechanics Ph.D. Candidate.