Department of English, Communication & Media Studies

Our department offers highly versatile majors for a rapidly changing world, with a relevant curriculum that prepares students for success in a wide range of workplaces.

Our students build fundamental writing and speaking skills in an environment that encourages creativity and critical thinking. English, communication, and media studies students gain a solid foundation for great storytelling. As they grow into expert writers and communicators, our students learn how to confidently command attention in any situation regardless of the audience. In addition to gaining discipline-specific knowledge, students develop core soft skills such as independent and collaborative working abilities, critical thinking, and ethical reasoning, that are highly marketable in a variety of workplaces.

English (B.A.) Major

Students become experts in reading, writing and analyzing literature as well as literary periods, theories, authors and linguistics. A degree in English may open the doors to careers in writing, editing, publishing and even law school.

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English & Communication Studies (B.A.) Major

This major prepares students who dream about working in broadcasting, radio or journalism as well as social media or influencer marketing.

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English Education (B.A.) Major

Majors undergo a 16-week student teaching experience in addition to in-class curriculum. Teaching licensures, which are state certifications required by K-12 schools, are also earned through this major.

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B.A. in Games and Interactive Media

A major in Games and Interactive Media provides students with the opportunity to explore and understand the dynamic and thriving fields of interactive media, game studies, and game design and development from inside out.

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English Minor

Students gain a foundational understanding of English literature and theory. Minors require 20 credits to complete.

Communication Minor

Students gain a basic understanding of communication theories and practices. A minor sharpens critical thinking skills and provides fundamental tools in verbal and nonverbal communication that everyone needs in their everyday lives. Minors require 20 credits to complete.

Creative Writing Minor

Students develop their creativity through foundational writing coursework. In addition to becoming more innovative thinkers, creative writing minors develop more empathy and compassion for others through their writing and storytelling, which ultimately helps them gain a better understanding of the world.

Kathleen Keating
Department Chair
204 Cowan Building

336-272-7102, ext. 5308
email: [email protected]


Our students and faculty have a long and successful track record of high-quality, award-winning publication. They have:

  • Published many books in a variety of literary genres
  • Won 1st Place in 2018-19 American Scholastic Press Association’s college newspaper competition
  • Received the 2011 Marshall McLuhan Award for Outstanding Book in the field of Media Ecology, as earned by professor and author Sheila J. Nayar


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