Department of Art

Our Art Department is committed to shaping students’ critical awareness and building every creative aspect of an artist.

Art Department students closely study art and its significant impact on people. With access to exceptional art facilities and resources, art students apply their discoveries to their own work and practice mastering how to engage people through traditional and modern media. We inspire students to use their art to make a difference in the world, encouraging them to enter art exhibitions, participate in creative service-learning projects and explore new ways of engaging with the community. Through knowledge and practice, students are prepared to pursue a creative career and share their impactful art with the world.

View the Spring 2020 Senior Art Exhibitions

View the Spring 2020 Student Art Exhibitions

Studio Art (B.A., B.S.) (General) Major

Studio art majors can explore their ideas and express their interests in creating beauty, meaning and power through their art. Students gain a better understanding of art history as well as how to manipulate art and media used by advertisers, designers and other organizations. Students can customize their path with one of three concentrations: general studio art, 2D design, or 3D design.

  • Concentrations:
  • Studio Art Major and 2D Design Concentration: This bachelor of arts or science degree hones in on an artist’s 2D craft, which include drawing and painting, as well as focuses on 2D art history and theory.
  • Studio Art Major and 3D Design Concentration: For students more inclined to work in 3D and have interests in product design, contemporary craft or sculpture, students pursuing the bachelor of arts or science degree are exposed to studying and creating traditional 3D work, such as ceramic and sculpture, and are also introduced to 3D computer-aided design, such as 3D printing.
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    Sculpture (B.A., B.S., B.F.A.) Major

    Students learn the basics of working with 3D form using materials that are easy to manipulate in the foundations courses, then expand their material knowledge by learning processes which include working in wood, metal, fabric, plastic, clay, and found materials. With access to the on-campus ceramic and sculpture area, students get to practice the theory they learn in class.

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    Art Education (B.A., B.S.) Major

    Through the K-12 art teacher-licensure program, which is designed to prepare teaching candidates for success in school environments, this bachelor’s degree emphasizes the importance of leadership, development, instructional methods, communication, and collaboration.

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    Painting and Drawing (B.F.A.) Major

    Students with a desire to know the “whys” and “hows” of great art-making will challenge themselves to express ideas and emotions. Through classroom projects and internships, students gain the intuitive and visual literacy skills to become independent artists, and can continue a higher education in the fine arts or pursue work in any creative profession.

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James v. Langer
Chair, Department of Art

336-272-7102, ext. 5361


The Cowan Humanities Building houses the Art Department and the Anne Rudd Galyon and Irene Cullis Galleries. Each media or discipline has its own instructional area and equipment:

  • The Mac Lab includes large-screen computers loaded with industry-standard software.
  • The photography darkroom features 10 enlargers and a separate lighting studio for learning traditional black-and-white photography.
  • A large painting and multi-purpose studio includes individual studio spaces for juniors and seniors.
  • A drawing room for figure studies ensures privacy and is equipped with spotlights, as well as an adjoining printmaking area with press.
  • The ceramic and sculpture area has eight electric potters’ wheels, a traditional kick wheel and three unique built-in electric wheels. Materials for glaze mixing, clay reclaiming, a slab roller and an electric kiln, as well a large workspace and student storage are available. Adjoining the clay studio are a woodworking shop and metal design area for jewelry and non-ferrous metal fabrication.


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