Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction

Peer Tutors

Peer tutoring is FREE for Greensboro College students.  Email the tutor to schedule an appointment.

Katharine Burgess

HIS1150 Western Civilization I

HIS 1230 Modern American History

MAT 1000 Intermediate Algebra

MAT 1050 Functions & Applications

POL 1100 Intro to American Government

POL 2110 International Relations

POL 3410 International Law & Organization

REP 1600 Intro to Ethics

[email protected]


Natalie Rosinkski

ACC 1102 Financial Accounting

ACC 2302 Account Information Systems I

ACC 3300 Tax Accounting

BUS 2401 Advancing with Excel

BUS 3400 Financial Management

BUS 3720 Predictive Analytics

BUS 4110 Case Study in Analytics

BUS 4900 Policy & Strategy

ECO 1050 Principles of Economics

natalie.rosi[email protected]


Madeline Council

HIS 1230 Modern American History

[email protected]


Noah Springs

MUS 1100 Music Appreciation

[email protected]


If you want tutoring for a course not listed, please email Lisa Alley at [email protected]

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SIP) Sessions are weekly review sessions facilitated by peer leaders and created with the instructors of each course.  SIP is great for students who are struggling a bit in class or students who just want a refresher before an exam!

ART 2910: Beth Hawkins, Cowan lab/studio, TR 12:00-1:00

BIO 1100: Carly Uhlir, PHW 204, T 11:30-12:30

HIS 1150: Katharine Burgess, PHW 217, W 3:30-4:30

HIS 1230: Rachel McGill, PHW 217, T 10:30-11:15

MAT 1000: Trevor Mason, PHW 217, TR 4:00-5:00; 6:00-7:00

REP 1610: Nick Brotherton, PHW 217, TR 1:00-2:00

SOC 1010: Elisa Jordan-Hernandez, PHW 107, TR 12:30-1:30

SSC 3600: Lauren Whitley, PHW 206, TR 12:30-1:15

THE 2010: Peter James, PHW 217, M 3:00-4:00; T 11:30-1:00

Faculty, staff and students should contact Dr. Sandra Cooke for additional information at [email protected].

MAT 1000 Tutoring

Professor Caison will hold tutoring hours for students enrolled in MAT 1000 during the following times:

Monday 11am-2pm
Tuesday 2pm-5pm
Wednesday 11am-2pm
Thursday 12pm-2pm (ONLINE)
Friday 11am-12pm

Please reach out to Professor Caison to make an appointment for tutoring if the above hours do not fit your schedule.

All tutoring takes place in PHW 315 unless noted otherwise.

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