Universal Design for Learning

Center for Applied Special TechnologyGreensboro College has committed to become a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) institution. UDL is a comprehensive educational framework that removes barriers to student learning and academic success. The principles of UDL recognize that variance in learning ability and style among individuals is the norm and not the exception. Therefore, curriculum should be adaptable to individual learning differences rather than the other way around.

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Universal Design for Learning


Does how you learn matter?

Yes, everyone has a unique learning style, as unique as your fingerprint.

Do teaching methods matter?

Yes. Our new teaching framework enables students to be self-sufficient. The college is responsible for imparting knowledge and facilitating the learning process for all learners.

How is Greensboro College unique in addressing student learning needs?

Greensboro College is among a relatively small (but growing!) number of colleges and universities using UDL as a framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn.

Universal Design for Learning

How does this work in the classroom?

  • UDL does not remove academic challenges; it removes barriers to accessing the course materials.
  • UDL guides the design of instruction by customizing and adjusting to meet individual learning needs.
  • UDL is simply good teaching, based on research into how humans learn.

Universal Design for Learning

How does this new framework assist all college students?

  1. It empowers students to have a voice and makes them feel like they are important and responsible for a bright future.
  2. It connects to real life. There is life after school, and students need to see the links between what they learn at college and life outside.
  3. It focuses on the process, not just the outcome: Learning today isn’t just about the answer, but also how you get there.
  4. It builds in time to reflect and grow, ensuring that students and teachers alike have time to consider appropriate tools and approaches.
  5. It leverages technology in meaningful ways, ensuring that technology is a platform to enhance learning rather than overshadowing it.
  6. It engages learners on multiple levels, accommodating many types of learners in a single classroom who thrive in different ways.
  7. It supports faculty to try new things. Innovation in the classroom can happen only if educators feel supported rather than just evaluated.



Here’s a short video about UDL from the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST):

Acknowledgements of Greensboro College’s adherence to best practices in teaching by employing Universal Design for Learning:

Proceedings of the Universal Design and Higher Education in Transformation Congress 2018

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