Returning-Student Information

Housing Assignments

Room assignments are made based on seniority. As a returning student you will have an opportunity to sign up for housing at the end of the academic year for the next year. As a new incoming student you will need to submit your Housing/Commuter App on your Pride Page and then complete the roommate questionnaire at PAWS orientation. Once you have selected your roommate or one has been assigned to  you, you will be assigned a room and will receive a confirmation email. You will receive your official housing assignment via your Greensboro College email address.

It is important to talk to your roommate BEFORE you arrive on campus to make sure you don’t both bring the same things. Discuss with your roommate how you want your room to be decorated. The first week of school you and your roommate will fill out a roommate contract, which will be facilitated by your RA in order to help the two of you set some guidelines for sharing the room. The Office of Residence Life will make every possible consideration in pairing roommates based on information contained in your housing application. The assignment process is extremely time consuming and will be completed as soon as possible, usually by the end of July.

There will be a mandatory room freeze until the Add/Drop period is over (approx. 2 weeks into the academic year). Requests for room changes will be accepted only after Add/Drop and must be made in writing to your RA. Your RA will have the specific form you will need to fill out to request a room change. If you do not self-identify a new roommate you will need to attend a round-table program in your hall to identify a new roommate. Once you have paired with a roommate you will be re-assigned to an empty room in your hall. A resident wishing to move may also select to move to a private room. Private rooms require an additional cost and are space-limited. A resident requesting a private room will be placed on a private room waiting list and will be notified when a room becomes available.

Residents without a roommate after Add/Drop will be consolidated. Residents to be consolidated will be notified in writing of the process and time line for consolidation. Consolidation will be completed before fall break. Any individual consolidation that is necessary after fall break will be accomplished on a case-by-case basis. All room changes must be approved by the Director of Residence Life. Any resident who changes rooms without prior approval will be required to return to their originally assigned room and will be charged an unapproved room change fee. Fees are outlined in the current Pride Guide.

Requirements for Living Off Campus

All Greensboro College students are required to live on campus until they have earned 60 credits. All students with fewer than 60 earned credits will be charged for room and board automatically. Exceptions to this policy will be granted based on the circumstances listed below; however, it is the student’s responsibility to fill out a housing waiver form at the office of Residence Life. Waivers are due no later than April 15 for the following fall semester and Dec. 1 for the following spring semester. If a spring waiver is granted, it will supersede the original, nine-month housing contract signed in the fall. Housing waivers are granted to:

  1. Students who commute from their permanent home address within a 50-mile radius of campus.
  2. Students who have earned 60 academic credits.
  3. Students who are married.
  4. Students who are 21 years of age.
  • A student must be 21 prior to Oct. 1 to be exempt from campus housing for the fall semester.
  • A student must be 21 prior to Feb. 1 to be exempt from campus housing for the spring semester.

Housing Release Request

Residence Verification Form


Community Standards

Residential living is a unique experience. Your hall is a place where you will find opportunities to grow as a person, test new ideas, learn new skills, and discover the importance of being part of a community. You will probably see yourself differently when the year is over. You will make new friends, rediscover old ones and hopefully realize that life holds many possibilities. We hope that the changes and experiences you have in the residence halls will be positive ones, which will enhance your self-confidence and help you achieve independence.

As part of that independence each individual hall will be working together to establish community living standards. These will help determine how each hall will manage itself. Halls will meet on a regular basis to discuss issues, define the community standards, and process any problems that might arise. You and your fellow residents will be accountable and responsible to each other for the standards set by the hall. If there are things on your hall that you would like to see handled differently or you think that other members of your hall are not upholding the standards you set as a hall, it will be your responsibility as a community to discuss these issues. Community living standards will not replace the student conduct code or residence life policies but will instead work in conjunction with them to help make each hall a unique home environment for the students who live there.

There are live-in staff members in each building to assist you and help facilitate change. This staff is made up of Residence Hall Directors (RHDs) and Resident Advisors (RAs) who work with you to ensure the hall is a good place to study, rest and socialize. RAs are student leaders who live on each floor and will act as facilitators as each hall develops its own community living standards. RAs are available to advise you and ensure that you have the tools necessary to function independently and effectively as a member of your hall community. RHDs are the live-in administrators in your hall. Each RHD has an office in their building and keeps regular office hours to ensure they are available to residents. Also, there are always an RHD and RAs on call any time the college’s administrative offices are closed.

You and your fellow residents will be responsible for the quality of life in your residential community during the coming year. You are expected to be familiar with policies and procedures, which have been established to guide student conduct. Remember, you are part of a community in an academic environment and being part of any community brings with it responsibilities, including courtesy, consideration, and empathy.


2022-2023 Greensboro College Housing Contract

I understand that attending a residential undergraduate college carries a mandatory  residency requirement which lasts from admission, until I [the student] have achieved:  the academic standing of having earned 60 semester hours creditable towards a  Greensboro College degree; 21 years of age; or declared as a commuter living at the  residence of the individuals who claims me as a dependent, within a 50-mile radius of  campus. 

I further understand that my decision to attend Greensboro College explicitly  affirms my willingness and intent to obey all housing policies including, but not limited  to, the residency requirement, and accompanying residential meal plan, as specified in  the Pride Guide (Student Handbook). I further understand that room assignments  depend on a number of variables including the academic standing of the student in  question (freshman, sophomore, etc.), bed availability, occupancy rates, and a number  of other factors. Therefore, specific room assignments are not guaranteed. I further  understand that student needs are accommodated before preferences and that some  preferences may not be addressed.

 I further affirm that I meet all residency  requirements to be considered a residential student. All students must be enrolled in a  minimum of 8 credit hours throughout the entirety of the semester in order to be eligible  for on campus housing. Greensboro College does not house non-traditional students  such as adult students exceeding the age of 23 with an exception for international  students.

 I further affirm my understanding that final confirmation of my room  assignment will be emailed to me at my Greensboro College email address during the  summer break and should arrive no later than seven days prior to move-in day in any  given academic year. I further understand that if I have not been advised of a specific  room assignment within one week of move-in day, I will contact the Office of Residence Life by phone at 336-272-7102, ext. 5625, or by email, by logging into my Greensboro College email account and sending a message to [email protected], to request  verification of my room assignment be sent/re-sent to me. By attending Greensboro  College, I acknowledge that I am entering into this binding contract and take  responsibility for the full financial cost of the room and board fees for the following  academic year, which takes effect on the date acknowledged (by signature or electronic  communication), and lasts through the end of the academic year for which I have  acknowledged.

 If I desire relief from any provisions of this contract, I must request it, in  writing, to the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students’ power to provide relief from this  contract is limited by the exceptions and limitations noted in the Greensboro College  Pride Guide, and by reimbursement limitations imposed by the Academic Catalog  (and/or) stipulations placed on scholarships or other award monies that have been  applied to residential living costs (to include meal plans). Even if granted relief, I  acknowledge that any refunds that I receive will be pro-rated to reflect those limitations  and I remain responsible for any balances that exist after all available refunds have  been made. 

Finally, I understand that if I fail to request or am denied contract relief from 

the Dean of Students I will remain responsible for full payment of room and board  charges even if I never move into the room I have been assigned.