Department of Mathematics

We are committed to helping students understand mathematical theory and foster their passion for numbers and analytics.

Our rigorous and application-based curriculum prepares students for careers as engineers, actuaries, statisticians or mathematicians. Successful graduates will be ready to advance to graduate school in mathematics, statistics, engineering, computer science or operations research; or teach mathematics at the middle-grades or secondary level.

Mathematics (B.S.) Major

Students will use logic and problem-solving skills to analyze mathematical concepts and recognize patterns. Students will apply what is learned in class to their own mathematical research projects, presentations, and internships.

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Mathematics Education (B.S.) Major

Students interested and committed to educating the next generation can earn a bachelor of science and teaching licensure in mathematics.

Mathematics Minor​​

Students will learn the fundamentals of mathematical proofs and patterns as well as gain a deep understanding of how mathematics influences everyday life. Minors require 20 credits to complete.

Data Science Minor

Data science is the study of how we extract meaning from data, and in a data driven world, this is an exciting time to seek experience in this field. Whether we are discussing the sciences, the social sciences, or the humanities, the reach of data in these disciplines and the need to understand its possibilities and its impact on others is growing every day. The minor consists of eight courses to be taken over three to four years.

Stuart Davidson
314 Proctor Hall West

336-272-7102, ext. 5294

Some Recent Graduates
Joshua Fitzgerald '19, B.S. in Mathematics: Member, Ross Dynamics Lab and Ph.D. student, Engineering Mechanics Program, Virginia Tech

Margaret Sutton '18, B.S. in Mathematics: Pursuing a master’s degree in both meteorology and oceanography through the Department of Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at N.C. State University.

Lindsey Blackwelder '18, B.S. in Mathematics - Middle Grades Education: 8th grade mathematics and Social Studies teacher at Ledford Middle School, Davidson County, N.C.


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