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The Greensboro College Internship Program

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Internships help students gain valuable work experience, define interests, sharpen skills, evaluate plans for employment or graduate studies and make professional connections. Frequently, internships open the door the full-time job opportunities after graduation.

Internship Insights
Periodically, Greensboro College would like to highlight a few interns each semester and summer on our social media pages. If you wish and are willing to be in the pool of those selected, we would greatly appreciate it if you would fill out this form.


A picture of you or your internship site should be sent to [email protected].


  • Internship Contract. This is a Google doc and can be shared with parties outside of Greensboro College.
  • Junior or senior status, satisfactory GPA and completion of departmental prerequisites
  • Approval of Faculty Advisor, Department Chair, Academic Advisor, the Director of Career and Personal Development, and Academic Dean. Copies of the contract can also be found outside the Director of Career Development’s office and in the Registrar’s Office
Academic Credit
  • Each semester hour credit requires 45 clock hours of work
  • Typically, students receive 4 credits requiring an average of 12 clock hours per week, a total of 180 clock hours for the semester (based on a 15 week semester)
  • Students may take up to eight (8) credits of internship hours towards their degree.  If a student does an internship at their regular place of employment, the internship activities must differ from normal job responsibilities
  • The Registrar’s Office converts the pending enrollment into actual enrollment students’ internship course.
Evaluation of Intern by Site Supervisor
  • Site Supervisor Intern Evaluation Form.
  • Students are evaluated on their job performance by their Site Supervisor and academically by their Faculty Supervisor (blogs, academic projects/papers are required). Each intern will be responsible for sitting down with their site supervisor near the end of their internship to discuss their performance and to complete the Site Supervisor Intern Evaluation Form. The form is to be completed and turned in to the Faculty Supervisor by the last day of class. The evaluation will be a percentage of the grade in the intern’s 3800 Internship Class as determined by the Faculty Supervisor. Copies of the evaluation can also be found outside the Director of Career Development’s office.
  • Students evaluate their particular experience and the effectiveness of the internship program in the academic portion of their internship


Registering for an Internship

  1. Intern registers for their Internship course in the appropriate department. The course will be noted as pending until the completed contract is sent in to the Registrar’s Office
  2. Intern completes completes Sections 1, 2 and 3 with the exception of the Site Supervisor’s signature
  3. Intern and Faculty Supervisor settle on Description of the Internship and the Learning Goals and complete Section 4
  4. Faculty Supervisor and Intern complete Section 5, Academic Assignments
  5. Faculty Supervisor, School Department Chair, and Academic Advisor sign Section 6
  6. Intern secures Site Supervisor’s signature or an email from same verifying their role as Site Supervisor
  7. The completed contract with Sections 1 through 6 completed is sent to the Director of Career and Personal Development at [email protected]
  8. The Director of Career and Personal Development will approve, sign, and forward to the Dean of Faculty
  9. The Dean of Faculty will approve, sign, and forward to the Registrar’s Office
  10. Student’s enrollment in their pending Internship course will be converted to actual enrollment by the Registrar’s Office

If the Director of Career Development and/or the Dean of Faculty are not available to sign your contract, please leave it with the Registrar’s Office- they will get the necessary signatures for you

UNCG provides housing for students from any college or university doing summer internships in the Greensboro area



Suggested Internship Sites

Click here for the Career and Personal Development Newsletter and click on a link below to be taken to suggestions for local internship sites for your desired area of interest:



Micro and Virtual Internships

Parker Dewey: Projects on Parker Dewey come from a variety of industries and disciplines. From working directly with an entrepreneur to supporting a large enterprise, you’ll have the opportunity to explore different roles and company cultures. You’ll find assignments for marketing like copywriting and working in social media, sales projects like lead generation, operations tasks like building reports, and more.

Intern From Home: Connecting highly qualified students with forward-thinking companies for virtual internships

CapSource: Custom learning engagements. Once you’re matched and the project’s been scoped, your project is ready to go! They’ll send you everything you need to ensure you’re set-up for success. From technology, legal paperwork, project scopes, deliverable requirements, and feedback instruments, CapSource is here to help you gain real work experience through their specialized consulting projects!






Sports / Personal Fitness



Health Care / Kinesiology / Science / Animals



Art / Theatre / Dance

  • Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art
  • Northwest Observer
  • R-PAC Working @ Revolution Mills
  • GC Art Department
  • African American Atelier
  • Shakespeare Theatre Company: Summer Internship Program for Theatre Education students
  • Durham Performing Arts Center: Marketing/PR, Theatre Management, Events Services, Corporate Partnerships
  • NC Theatre
  • Theatre Raleigh
  • Dance/USA: the voice for the professional field of dance, offers internships to aspiring arts administrators based at the national office, located in Washington, DC.



Publishing / Media




  • Volvo: Both international and national
  • VF Jeanswear
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Lincoln Financial Group
  • Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship
  • City of Greensboro- City Manager’s Office
  • EPES Transportation
  • Keller Williams Realty
  • Greensboro Coliseum Events
  • Student Athletes Abroad






Environmental (from UNCG’s Dept of Geography, Environment and Sustainability)

Deep Roots Cooperative Market – Deep Roots Market exists to provide healthy food at a fair price for our community. They work with over 100 local producers and farmers. They will accept interns for ongoing special projects for a variety of interests and are open to tailoring one to your specific skill set or your research interests. Interns will have set expectations and hours and will report directly to the General Manager or another appointed manager for the duration of the internship. Contact the General Manager with a 1-page cover letter and a 1-page resume to express your interest in an internship.

Edible Schoolyard Greensboro – Part of the Greensboro Children’s Museum, The Edible Schoolyard Greensboro empowers children and families to cultivate healthy communities through food education. Interns will spend a semester immersed in this unique 1/2 acre teaching garden atmosphere assisting garden staff to maintain and expand the space, interacting with guests, and learning about seed to table education.

Piedmont Environmental Center – Work on environmental education projects for schoolchildren and other groups who visit the Center. Specific duties might include designing curricular materials, teaching classes, or conducting nature walks. The best opportunities are in the fall and spring semesters, when public schools are in session.

Greensboro Science Center – The Center has an established internship program in which interns rotate through its various departments (zoo, exhibits, education etc.) and then specialize in the area that interests them most. Internships are usually available only in the summer.

North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Depending on the needs of the agency, internships can be be arranged in a number of settings, including state parks, the DENR regional office in Winston Salem, which focuses mainly on water quality work, and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science in Raleigh.

North Carolina Sierra Club Chapter – Various internship opportunities are available in areas such as public education, organizing local communities to fight environmental problems, and background research for use in lobbying government about environmental problems. The state headquarters office is in Raleigh. Internships are possible during the academic year but are easier to arrange in the summer.

Piedmont Plateau Sierra Club Group – Work with volunteer activists in the local Sierra Club Group on Group projects in areas such as environmental education of the public, nature conservation, recruitment of members and activists, lobbying, and program planning. Specific projects will vary with the needs of the local Group during the time of the internship. Internships are generally possible each semester and in the summer.

Greensboro Red Cross – Internships focus on response to natural disasters and might involve working on response planning and responding to small scale local disasters.

UNCG Office of Sustainability – The UNCG Sustainability Office is responsible for transforming UNCG into a sustainable campus. Depending on the needs of the Office and the interests of the student, internships might focus on environmental education for students and staff, assisting the staff in preparing sustainability inventories and reports of various kinds, and working with various UNCG departments on projects such as sustainable grounds keeping, developing and promoting recycling programs, and promoting bicycle and mass transit use. Internships are generally possible each semester and in the summer.

Kathleen Clay Edwards Branch, Greensboro Public Library – Work closely with the environmental librarian at this branch of the Greensboro library, which has a special emphasis on the environment. Tasks might include planning programs and special events concerning the environment and helping with the library’s gardening and outdoor education projects to educate children about the outdoors, nature, and gardening.

Piedmont Land Conservancy – The Piedmont Land Conservancy works to protect valuable land in Piedmont North Carolina by purchasing it or arranging to put it under legal protection from development. Most of the work is of a fairly technical nature, so students with significant course work in geography and biology are most likely to be needed.

Guilford County Extension, School Garden Network – Work in a program to teach school children in High Point about gardening and nature by developing school gardens. This internship is only available in the fall and spring semesters and requires the scheduling flexibility to be in the schools eight hours a week at the times when the program staff are working in the schools.

Guilford County Environmental Health – Interns rotate through various divisions in this office, which inspects restaurants, swimming pools, and installation and repair of well and septic systems, and handles toxic spills. An internship here would be good preparation for a career as a North Carolina Registered Environmental Health Specialist, which requires at least 30 hours of science courses.

Guilford Courthouse National Park – Work with Park Rangers on a variety of tasks including answering questions from the public, making presentations about nature and military history, removing invasive species, and working on exhibits. This internship is available during regular semesters and the summer, but there are more opportunities in the summer.

Guilford County Open Space Program – Interns will learn about the functioning of the Open Space Program, which acquires and manages open space for Guilford County. They might be involved in writing stewardship plans for the Open Space Program’s nature preserves, assisting with implementation of the stewardship plans (including trail design, signage, and other property improvements), and working on organizing public events, such as volunteer clean-ups and educational field trips, on open space properties.

Carolina Fibre Corporation – This firm is a major local recycler of waste fiber, but they also recycle paper, aluminum, and plastics. Environmental Studies interns might work on projects like identifying potential new sources of recyclable materials and sales. This is a good opportunity for students who might want to work in environmentally friendly businesses.

Commissioning WorCx – This firm works on helping organizations that are upgrading their heating or cooling systems to get the most out of their new equipment. Their work is not only about the technical/engineering side of things, but also about training employees and designing work systems that will help to make the new equipment work at its highest efficiency. An especially good internship for someone interested in environmentally efficient buildings.

City of Greensboro, Water Resources Department – This internship involves working in various tasks related to maintain the purity of Greensboro’s water supply. This can include lab testing at the water treatment plant, field visits to test water at houses where people have complained of poor water quality, and drawing and processing water samples from city reservoirs. Candidates should have significant course work and lab experience in chemistry.

Office of Research and Economic Development – This internship is best suited to someone who wants to be an environmental or science writer. The primary duty is gathering necessary information and writing copy for magazine articles, web pages, or press releases about environmental research and other environmental activities at UNCG. This internship is best suited for students who have taken writing and/or journalism courses

League of Conservation Voters – The League of Conservation Voters (LCV),  a non-partisan, non-profit environmental advocacy organization, offers an internship focused on political organizing. Interns will assist in reaching out to the community to establish what environmental issues citizens are concerned about. LCV also works to put pressure on lawmakers in both political parties to pass sound environmental policies. Tasks for interns may include making phone calls to the community, asking people to sign petitions and letters to lawmakers, and helping to organize events.



Human Services









Criminal Justice, Politics and Law

  • Martindale-Hubble Directory: search for lawyers and practices by practice specialties and location
  • Internship in Washington D.C.: From The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University
  • The Washington Center
  • National Security Agency
  • NC State Internships
  • State Government Internships
  • Learn Liberty: a project of the Institute for Humane Society
  • NC State Bureau of Investigation
  • NC Superior Court Judges Chambers
  • GPD Forensic Services Division (request ride alongs here)
  • Guilford Child Development
  • Guilford County Public Defender’s Office
  • NC Guardian ad Litem, Judicial District 18
  • US Marshall’s Office
  • NC Dept of Public Safety State Hwy Patrol
  • NC Dept of Public Safety: variety of opportunities
  • Guilford County District Attorney’s Office – Students interested in interning with the District Attorney’s office should send a resume and cover letter to:
    William Reavis, Esq.
    Guilford County District Attorney’s Office
    POB 10769
    Greensboro, NC 27404Internships are for Fall or Spring only  (no Summer).  Their preference is for interns who can work 3 or more days/week in the morning hours.  The cover letter should note the semester you are seeking an internship and that you are a Greensboro College student.
  • Greensboro Police Department – Educational Internship Program Application. Due to Covid-19, there will be no Fall 2020 internships.
    • Fall semester application deadline is May 1
    • Spring semester application deadline is October 1
    • Summer session application deadline is February 1


  • Guilford County Sheriff’s Office Internship Application and Waivers – The application needs to be completed and submitted 4-6 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.  If chosen,  additional security training and fingerprinting will be done prior to starting the internship.

  • Mecklenberg County- NC Carolina Court System: outstanding internship program for the motivated student.
    The Trial Court Administrator’s (TCA) Office supports the Senior Resident Superior Court Judge and Chief District Court Judge in the overall management of the 26th Judicial District.Interns with the TCA’s Office will meet members of the local Bar and judiciary, get an insider’s perspective on the judicial process, learn more about responsibilities and opportunities in the legal profession, improve general office skills, add a valuable experience to their resumes, and make a positive contribution to the community.There are unpaid internship opportunities available year round, Monday through Friday, in the following divisions of the TCA’s Office: Family Court and Community Access and Outreach. Summer internships are available in the Operations Division.



Internships for Students with Disabilities

  • Emerging Leaders Summer Internship Program- Competitive internship program that places undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities in fulfilling summer internships and provides them with leadership development opportunities
  • AAPD Internship program –  Each year, the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) hosts two Summer Internship Programs for College Students with Disabilities in Washington, DC, providing paid travel to and from DC, paid fully-accessible housing, and living stipends.
  • ENTRY POINT! – A Program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), offering internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities in science, engineering, mathematics, computer science, and some fields of business.
  • Autistic Self Advocacy Network – Freddie Mac Internship Program – Freddie Mac, a leading mortgage finance company, partners with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network to fill paid internship opportunities. To apply, you must be a recent graduate or current student at a higher education institution and you must be an individual on the autism spectrum.
  • LiNC-IT is an internship program for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The current unemployment rate for individuals with ASD is 86% despite the fact that many of these individuals have the skills and education employers need.



Information for International Students***

Click here for information on Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT)

International Students may engage in Curricular Practical Training (CPT) internships (which can be paid) under certain conditions.  The internship must be related to the student’s degree and the student must receive some kind of credit for the internship.(“DEPT” 3800 internship course).  For CPT, students must have completed their first year at university and they must apply for authorization on their student visa and receive an updated I-20 form before they can begin their internship.

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is designed to permit international students to gain practical experience in their major field of study. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) permits international students to gain this experience either before of after graduation, but restricts the total amount of time to 12 months.

To qualify for optional practical training before graduation, an F-1 student must have been in lawful status for nine consecutive months. Students may engage in optional practical training before graduation during vacation periods or during the academic year. The training is limited to part-time (20 hours per week) while school is in session. Students may work full-time (40 hours per week) during vacation periods.

***Obtaining permission to engage in optional practical training before graduation takes two to three months because students must obtain an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) from DHS.

USA Internships: Internships for International Students

United OPT

Homeland Security Study in the States


DACA and Undocumented Students

Symba: A Guide on Key Internship Resources for Undocumented Students

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