GC by Me: Quality over Quantity

You CAN do it all at GC

Regan LockwoodBy Regan Lockwood

Lindsey Mead (left) in Mamma Mia

Lindsey Mead (left) in GC Theatre’s November 2018 production of the musical “Mamma Mia!”

For many students, college can be an intimidating new chapter, mainly because it is the first time many of us are actually on our own. At larger institutions, it can sometimes be hard to make connections with professors and other students, which can be very discouraging. Greensboro College provides the encouragement for the discouraged.

According to Lindsey Mead, a member of the Theatre and Honors programs here at GC, “the small class sizes make learning environments more personal and detailed.” Mead feels like she is a part of something bigger and that, after her four years at GC, she will be prepared for a career in acting. “Greensboro College makes me think of quality over quantity,” she says. “We may be a smaller school, but we produce high-quality students and programs.”


Professors who care

When asked why she was attracted to Greensboro College, she said, “The small class sizes and the Honors program were both attractive factors to me. The other part was the fact that the professors in the Theatre program are all professionals in their field. Getting to learn from people who are currently practicing what they are teaching lets me know that I am getting the worthwhile education that I deserve. Scholarship money was an important factor, too.” The hands-on training students get with their professors here really helps, as well, and Mead feels as though her professors never hold back on their critiques. For her recent performance in the musical “Mamma Mia!,” she took notes on their critiques and felt as though she really brought her character to life based on the changes they suggested.



There’s another reason Mead likes being part of a small school. “My schedule is very busy with classes, rehearsal, and work. I wake up early and am usually back in my room late, but I genuinely enjoy what I am learning and doing. … One of the things that makes this so enjoyable is that I get to see people whom I know and enjoy being with daily, whether it is in a class, in the cafeteria, or even when walking around campus. It’s nice to walk around and know the names of so many people.” She is a busy student, but between the intimacy of the campus and her understanding, helpful professors, she is finding that she can accomplish everything she desires at Greensboro College.


Regan Lockwood ’21 is an elementary-education major from Fayetteville, N.C., and a member of the Pride softball team.