GC by Me

GC by Me is a section of Greensboro College’s website in which students write about their own experiences or those of others in the GC community. For information on contributing, contact Sheila Nayar, professor of English and Communication Studies, at snayar@greensboro.edu, or Kathy Keating, chair of the Department of English & Communication Studies and director of the First Citizens Bank Global Communications Center, at keatingk@greensboro.edu.

GC by Me: Quality over Quantity, by Regan Lockwood (3/25/2019)

GC by Me: The Bond, by Teron Brooker-Parquet (3/25/2019)

GC by Me: Music: The Language of Humankind …, by Olivia Wright (3/25/2019)

GC by Me: One Opportunity, Two Shots, by Carissa Washington (3/22/2019)

GC by Me: Small College, Tremendous Value, by Antonio Cruz-Hernandez (3/22/2019)

GC by Me: Do You Have What it Takes?, by Anna Rae Porcelli (3/22/2019)

GC by Me: Showcase Day, by Imaya Parks (3/22/2019)




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