Greensboro College Parking Rules & Regulations

(For the most current rules & regulations please refer to the Pride Guide)

The Campus Safety and Security Department is responsible for enforcing Greensboro College’s vehicular traffic, parking policies and regulations. All drivers who bring vehicles onto campus must register their vehicle with the Office of Student Accounts. Furthermore, Greensboro College is not responsible for damages, vandalism or theft to cars parked on campus. Parking in the lots is at your own risk. All vehicles on campus should be insured through personal automobile insurance. Avoid leaving personal property in sight, lock valuables in the trunk, and secure all doors and windows.

  1. Campus Parking
    1. Any student who plans to park his/her vehicle on campus must purchase a parking decal.
    2. Vehicles may be registered at any time online, or in person at the Student Accounts office.
    3. Student Decals cost $150.
      1. Replacement decals may be purchased within the same academic year for $25.00.
      2. The parking decal must be affixed to the passenger’s side of the front windshield or to the driver’s side of the rear window. If vehicle has rear-tinted windows place the decal on front windshield. If the decal is not affixed to either of these two areas, the vehicle is subject to ticketing and/or immobilization*.
      3. If you need to change vehicles for any reason during the academic year, you may bring the old decal or an accident/service report to Security for verification, in order to receive a replacement decal at no charge.
      4. Purchasing a decal does not guarantee a parking space will be available at all times.
    4. Visitor Decals
      1. Visitors to campus may park in designated visitor spaces at no charge for less than a 24 hour period.
      2. Visitors wishing to stay longer than 24 hours must have a temporary permit to park on campus. These permits are available in the Security Office for $5.00 per day.
  1. Parking Tickets
    1. Only one fine shall be issued per ticket. If a vehicle is in violation of more than one parking regulation the most expensive fine shall be issued.
    2. Students who receive a parking ticket have five (5) business days from the date of violation to pay the fine.
      1. Fines can be paid in the Student Accounts office Monday – Friday, 9 am – 4:30 pm. Payments may be mailed with a copy of the ticket to Greensboro College, Student Accounts, 815 West Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27401.
      2. Parking tickets outstanding for longer than 5 business days will be posted to the student’s account and charged a $5.00 posting fee.
      3. Students with unpaid parking tickets will not be permitted to graduate or obtain a transcript.
      4. Immobilization shall occur after three consecutive parking tickets.
        • The fee of the fourth citation will be issued as well as a $75.00 immobilization fee.
        • If any fines are outstanding the entire account must be cleared including the immobilization fee before the vehicle will be released.
      5. Students are responsible for knowing and observing the various restricted lots and spaces on campus.
      6. Students may not park in the faculty/staff reserved areas.
  1. Parking Decals
    1. Residential Decals
      1. Residential students may park in the lots marked with residential signage. These areas are beside and behind West, Greensboro and Hill Residence Halls, Reynolds Center, and Proctor Hall.
      2. Inn Residents receive a complementary Inn Decal
        • Inn Residents may ONLY park in the Inn lot and at the Reynolds center.
        • Inn Residents may purchase a Commuter Decal to park on campus if they wish.
    2. Commuter Decals
      1. Commuter Students may park in lots marked with commuter signage. These areas are behind Cowan, beside Adult Education, behind and beside the Welcome Center and just beyond the Library.
      2. Evening commuters may purchase an evening ONLY decal for $75.
        • Evening ONLY decals may park in any commuter designated lot Monday-Friday from 3:30-9:30pm ONLY.
    3. Faculty and Staff Decals
      1. Faculty and Staff may park in lots marked with faculty and staff signage. These areas are behind Cowan, behind and beside the Honors House, behind and beside the Welcome Center, in front of and behind Haynes Gym, the lot behind the Library, the area behind Main Building and in front of Physical Plant.

All curbed areas are tow-away zones unless specifically marked otherwise. Cars may be towed or immobilized without warning, when parked in fire lanes, handicapped spaces, reserved spaces, grassy or landscaped areas or area delineated with barricades and cones. ALL vehicles are subject to the towing and immobilization regulations listed above.

  1. Fines and Fees
  • No Valid Permit: $75
  • Fire Lane: $50
  • Restricted/Reserved: $50
  • Loading Zone: $50
  • Blocking: $50
  • No Parking: $50
  • Handicapped: $150
  • Failure to park in space: $50
  • Visitor space: $50
  • Other: $50
  • Immobilization: $75
  • Decal fee: $150
  • Evening Decal (3:30-9:30 p.m.): $75


The Student Parking Appeals Board offers students a process for appealing parking tickets issued on campus.

  1. Composition
    1. The Student Parking Appeals Board is composed of five (5) members.
      1. Two (2) students appointed by the President of SGA,
      2. One (1) faculty and
      3. Two (2) staff member, including the Associate Dean of Students.
    2. The board meets as needed to review appeals, with at least one meeting per semester.
    3. By joining in the appeals arbitration process, both the student issued the ticket and Campus Security agrees to accept the Student Parking Appeal Board’s decision as final and binding.
  1. Process
    1. An appeal should be based on the premise that the citation was not consistent with parking regulations or that special extenuating circumstances exist that should excuse the student from compliance with these regulations.
    2. Only those individuals properly registered for parking privileges and who have a current Greensboro College parking decal displayed on their vehicle may make appeals.
    3. Students may obtain a copy of the Student Parking Appeal form from the Student Development Office, 312 Main Building.
      1. Appeals must be made in writing and must be submitted to the Student Development Office.
      2. Appeals must be received by 5 p.m. no later than the fifth business day from the issuance date on the citation.
      3. The disputed citation must be attached to the back of the appeal form along with a receipt from Student Accounts indicating payment of the fine.
    4. The appeals board will make a decision on each written appeal received in the outlined manner and issue a written decision to the student.
    5. Appeals granted will be refunded to the student’s account.