First Year Experience

The Office of First Year Experience aims to assist students in their transition to college life by supporting their academic, social, and personal development within an environment that values diversity and respect. Greensboro College begins preparing students for success the moment they become a member of The Pride. We are dedicated to providing a holistic experience for first-year students through the combined efforts of orientation, academic advising, residence life, first-year seminar, and athletics. The goal of the Office of First Year Experience is to foster academic success, a seamless transition to college, and a sense of commitment and community to the College while serving as a central resource for all first-year students.

The Office of First Year Experience houses two major first-year programs:

  • Preparing, Advising, and Welcoming Students (PAWS) & Welcome Weekend: Preparing, Advising, and Welcoming Students (PAWS) & Welcome Weekend are orientation programs designed to acclimate and welcome all of our new students to Greensboro College. PAWS is a one-day program during the summer at which incoming students register for classes and learn about campus and academic life at the College. Welcome Weekend takes place in August and is designed to welcome new students to campus. It begins with Greensboro College check-in and includes both new programs and long-standing traditions for incoming students. To prepare for both, visit our How to Prepare page.
  • Greensboro College Seminar: Greensboro College Seminar (GCS) is an academic program designed to assist all incoming students with their transition to Greensboro College. The program includes courses designed for first-year students, transfer students, and adult students.

Questions can be directed to:

Jenna Avent, M.Ed.
Director of First Year Experience