Bookstore & Pride Gear Store

Your textbook needs are just a click away!

Greensboro College operates a virtual bookstore in association with eCampus. eCampus works with the Greensboro College administration to build the booklist for each of your courses and then makes the books available via an online bookstore website. eCampus stocks the books and ships them directly to you.

To visit our online bookstore, click here.


GC Pride Merchandise and Fan Apparel

Located in the Student Center, the Greensboro College Pride Gear store has an assortment of GC Pride merchandise and fan apparel. Whether you need a gift or a wearable logo-ed item, the Greensboro College Pride Gear store has you covered.

Shop Online!

For those Pride fans who are not in the Greensboro area, you can always shop online. Visit!

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