Tuition & Fees

For 2020-2021, Greensboro College is defining the path toward greater accessibility, affordability, degree completion and career readiness. Learn more at Defining The Path.

As you consider the cost of a Greensboro College education, keep in mind the value of a Greensboro College education. In your search for the right college, consider carefully the factors that matter most in your decision. If intellectual, personal, and spiritual development are important to you, then Greensboro College is the place for you!

Undergraduate Cost

Based on a Full-Time Schedule for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Direct Costs (Expenses billed to you by the college) On-Campus      Off-Campus
    Tuition Cost $18,960      $18,960
    Room & Meal Plan
    (includes sales tax)
+ $10,950     
    Total Direct Cost $29,910      $18,960
Room and Meal Plan Charges*
    Standard Double Room $10,950
    Deluxe Double Room $11,934
    Standard Private Room $16,116
*All charges listed above include an unlimited meal plan.
Additional Charges to Consider
    Athletic Insurance Participation Fee (Charged in the fall semester) $425
    Magnus Health Account (One-time fee for new students) $25
    Books and Supplies (Estimation per semester) $600-$800
    Parking Pass (Residential and commuter students) $210
    Overload Fees (per credit hour for any credit over 18 hours) $590
    Music Lesson Fees (per credit hour) $300
    Independent Study Fee $150
    Student Teaching Fee $150
    Art Fees $50-$75


Adult and Professional Programs

2020-2021 Academic Year

Adult Undergraduate
    Tuition (per credit hour) $390
    Student Services Fee (per semester) $360
Online Programs
    For all distance-education-only students (per credit hour) $390
    Technology Fee (per semester) $75
OLM (Organizational Leadership & Management) Program (On Campus & Online)
    Tuition (per credit hour) $255
    Technology Fee (per semester for online students) $75
Additional fees will be assessed if enrolled in a non-OLM course.
Piedmont Alternative Licensure (PAL) Program
    Tuition (per credit hour) $287
Additional Courses needed beyond the 17 credit-hour PAL courses (any without a PAL prefix) will be assessed at the current adult-education rate of $390 per credit hour, plus a $50 fee.
    Tuition (per credit hour) $75
    Senior Citizen (per course) $75
Additional Charges to Consider
    Athletic Fee (Charged in the fall semester) (2019-20 Rate) $400
    Books and Supplies (Estimation per semester) $600-$800
    Parking Pass (Commuter students) $210
    Parking Pass (Evening students) $110
    Independent Study Fee $150
    Student Teaching Fee $150
    Music Lesson Fees (per credit hour) $300


Graduate Students

2020-2021 Academic Year

Tuition Cost (per credit hour) $450


Teaching English to Speakers
of Other Languages Program (TESOL)

The Masters of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Program
2020-2021 Academic Year

Tuition Cost (per credit hour)
    VIF (Visiting International Faculty) $323
    Out-of-Country Online International Students $250
    U.S. Citizens $450
Additional fees will be assessed if enrolled in a non-TESOL course.


Refund Policy

Please refer to our Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Catalogs.


Military Tuition Assistance Rate Eligibility


Tuition $250
Allowance $250 (for all branches except Coast Guard)
$187.50 (for Coast Guard)
Covered Fees Tuition and Lab Fees (for all branches)

Enrollment, Special, & Computer Fees
(for all branches except Coast Guard)

Who is Eligible?
    Air Force Active Duty; Reserves
    Army Active Duty; ARNG on Active Duty; Army Reserves
    Navy Active Duty; Naval Reserves in AD Status
    Marines Active Duty Only
    Coast Guard Active Duty; Reserves in AD Status
How to Apply/Register
    Air Force/Army Online Process
    Navy/Marines NETPDTC 1560
    Coast Guard CG-4147


Military Tuition Assistance Refund Policy

Refund Policy for classes that meet in sessions of eight weeks through 15 weeks of duration will include the Military Tuition Assistance refunds. Military Tuition Assistance refunds will be paid directly to the Military Service, not to the Service member as follows:

  • Before the first day of the session in which the class is scheduled, 100% of the TA funds will be refunded.
  • If classes are cancelled, 100% of the TA will be refunded.
  • After the beginning of classes, students who officially completely withdraw of their own initiative will have their tuition prorated according to the following schedule:
    • First day of class through the end of drop/add 85% adjustment
    • One to three days past the end of drop/add period 85% adjustment
    • Four to seven days past the end of drop/add period 50% adjustment
    • Eight to Eleven days past the end of drop/add period 25% adjustment
    • Twelve or more days past the end of drop/add period 0% adjustment

We’re here to help

Joan Springett-Coscia
Student Financial Services Coordinator
336-272-7102, ext. 5772

Lindsay Latham '08
Senior Director of Student Financial Services
336-272-7102, ext. 5253

Ryan Mickey
Financial Aid Data Specialist
336-272-7102, ext. 5408

Marilyn Woods '95 & '14
Director of Student Accounts
336-272-7102, ext. 5621

Verlista McCloud
Student Accounts & Student Loans Collections Officer
336-272-7102, ext. 5627

Meredith Calhoun
Cash Receipts Specialist
336-272-7102, ext. 5205

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