School of Social Science and Education


School of Social Sciences & Education

Are you a justice seeker? A critical thinker? A future teacher? Our School of Social Sciences and Education will empower you to achieve your post-grad dreams, whether it’s teaching the next generation, studying criminal investigations as an officer, diving deep into the human mind as a researcher or serving your community as a government official. We will help find your path to making the world a better place.

Why Greensboro College?

Rigorous and demanding, the curriculum in this school, combined with the one-on-one help from our tight-knit department faculty, brings out the best in students. Students undergo intensive out-of-classroom course requirements, such as education majors student teaching in a public school setting for full semesters. This combination of practical and classroom learning makes our graduates more than ready to take on the real world.

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Political Science & Legal Administration

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Sociology & Criminal Justice

My Defining Moment

“Greensboro College's Teacher Education program was the perfect place for me to find myself as an educator. My professors worked diligently to help me craft my skills and philosophies as a future educator. They found my unique strengths and tailored my education to make me better than I believed I could be. These professors were my role models; they inspired me to be the best teacher for my future students, as they were for me.”

Caroline Meisner, Class of 2019


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