School of Sciences & Mathematics

For the analyzers, researchers and inquisitive thinkers, our School of Sciences & Mathematics offers rigorous programs that will prepare you for a great career or graduate school in today’s most dynamic fields. From engineering to medicine, health and wellness to computer science, your Greensboro College education will get you ready for your next step.

Why Greensboro College?

With small classes, hands-on work and frequent one-on-one time, our faculty gets to know every student and their post-graduation goals personally. We can help tailor your course of study and connect you with internship opportunities that align with your interests. Because the curriculum is varied and flexible, students may also seek classes with certifications, which allows for a deeper understanding of their majors and helps students stay competitive in their fields.

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Natural Sciences

My Defining Moment

“There are several reasons why I enjoy Greensboro College’s Physical Education program and would recommend it to future students. The small class sizes allow for more personalized learning. The classes are interactive and engaging. The faculty and staff do a great job accommodating students’ needs and requests. It is a school that truly cares about its students and creates an environment for student success.”

Meryssa Wacholder


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