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Office of Retention

The mission of the Office of Retention is to retain students and increase the 4-year graduation rate by providing comprehensive academic and co-curricular support programs that empower students to succeed academically and personally.

The Office of Retention is supported by a 1.98 million dollar Title III Strengthening Institutions awarded by the Department of Education.

Even for the best students, college presents a whole new set of challenges.

At Greensboro College, we know the journey to graduation can be a tough one. The Office of Retention is here to help students navigate their path and work through anything that stands in the way of their success. We recognize that each student faces unique challenges. Our mission is to guide all students from all backgrounds to achieve their full potential as graduates of Greensboro College.

We accomplish our mission by:

  • Leading initiatives and student support programs grounded in best-practice research that equip students with the tools, skills, and resources they need to complete all 4 years
  • Partnering with faculty and staff to align the academic and co-curricular experience
  • Creating and integrating specific interventions to increase success equity and access for first-generation college students, income-sensitive students, and students from marginalized backgrounds

Our Philosophy is simple, and powerful.

Every student is different, and we love it that way. We celebrate their diverse identities, backgrounds, experiences, cultures, perspectives and abilities as strengths that enrich the Greensboro College community.

College is a time of transition. We empower students to face the challenges and take charge of their college experience—and whatever comes next.

Empowering students to navigate their path forward.

The Office of Retention offers several resources and programs to support students throughout their college journey and empower them to succeed, including:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
Greensboro College is rooted in the belief that everyone has a place in our campus community. Learn more about why and how we stand for diversity.

Global Communication Center (GCC)
Share your voice in an all-new way at the GCC, where students can find the tools and support to create any type of communication project they can dream up—from a paper to a presentation to a podcast.

Supplemental Instruction Program (SIP)/Math Support 
For some of our most rigorous courses, students can receive additional support through peer-led teaching and learning groups, as well as supplemental one-on-one instruction from our professors.

We empower our students to become the best version of themselves. Your Path Forward is our 4 year common experience that helps students carve out their own road to a successful graduation—and receive support from several Greensboro College programs along the way. Here’s an idea of what that path might look like.


Find your place at Greensboro College and take charge of your college experience.

  • All first year students take the Greensboro College Seminar to to learn how to successfully transition to college and get connected with the GC Community
  • Learn more about what the GC First Year Experience is like here.


Dive further into the Greensboro community and understand what you want your future path to look like.

  • We understand that there is no straight line from a student’s major to career. Second year students are encouraged to declare their major within the 1st semester of the second year to increase their ability to graduate in 4 years.
  • CLD 2100 – Define Your Path helps students identify their interests, personality, skills and values to explore careers and begin preparing for internships.
  • The Success Advocate Program is a pilot program in Fall 2020 that is designed to increase the bridge of support students’ first year through 2nd year by connecting students with faculty and staff across campus who check-in with them throughout the semester


Explore opportunities like graduate programs and internships that can help plan for post-grad life.

  • Dive into experiential opportunities like internships or independent research studies with a faculty member in your field of interest
  • Prepare for graduate school and job preparation with the help of The Office of Career and Personal Development


Discover the destination that awaits after graduation.

  • We look forward to celebrating all that you have accomplished through a number of recognition ceremonies and of course, Graduation!

D’andre Hardy

Main 210

(336) 272-7102, ext. 5767

D’andre Hardy has dedicated her career to building environments that improve students’ collegiate experience, including leading policy evaluation and improvement, organizational strategy, large-scale project implementation, and talent development. She currently serves as the Director for Student Retention/ Title III Grant at Greensboro College in Greensboro, NC. In her role she leads a team of faculty and staff in the implementation of a 1.98 million Title III/SIP grant to increase traditional undergraduate student success. D’andres’ diverse experiences in higher education include TRiO program, Academic Advising, Transfer Articulation, and working in professional higher education consulting. As a proud first generation college student, D’andre is passionate about increasing success outcomes for first generation college students and diverse student populations. Additionally, D’andre presents and consults on topics relating to academic success/support, academic and co-curricular alignment, and staff development.

D’andre earned her M.Ed. from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education and her B.A. from The University of North Texas in Communication Studies.

About The Office of Retention

Greensboro College was awarded a 5 year, 1.98 million dollar Title III Strengthening Institutions grant from the Department of Education to increase student retention. The Office of Retention is funded by the grant and implements retention practices for all students with special attention to first-generation college students, pell eligible students, and diverse populations.


Other Resources To Help You Navigate Your Path

The PEAK Have more questions about academic advising, tutoring, academic support, career & personal development or accommodations? Visit The PEAK (Personal Enrichment and Knowledge) located on the 3rd floor of Main Building. Learn more HERE.

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