B.A. and B.S. in Human Development and Family Science

A major in Human Development and Family Science includes a minimum of 52 hours of coursework. This multidisciplinary program includes a core of eight required courses from the departments of Psychology, Sociology and Education. These requirements include a research methods course in the social sciences, an internship tailored to the student’s interests to gain experiential learning, and a capstone in the social sciences. Graduates from this program will obtain professional positions working with children and families.

This interdisciplinary program prepares students to work with families and children in early childhood education and community organizations as service professionals or program administrators. This program also prepares students who may be interested in pursuing graduate studies in social work, counseling, psychology, sociology, early childhood education, or human development and family studies. 

Human Development and Family Science Coursework

Students must take the following courses:

52 credit hours of required courses, 32 credit hours of general education, 8 hours for the B.A. or B.S., and 32 credit hours of elective and/or experiential credit.

Required Courses (52 credit hours)

  • PSY 2100 Child and Adolescent Development
  • PSY 3700 Abnormal Psychology
  • SOC 3309 or SOC 3600
  • Families in Society or Human Services
  • BKE 3100 Professional Partnering with Diverse Families
  • BKE 3200 Language and Culture
  • SSC 3600 Research Methods in the Social Sciences
  • CFS 3800 or PSY 3800 or SOC 3800 Internship
  • PSY 4900 or SOC 4900
  • Senior Seminar or Capstone: The Sociologist as an Agent of Change

Students must take five elective courses (20 total credit hours, one from each group below, and 2 additional electives from any group). At least two of the five electives (8 semester hours) must be at the 3000-level or above.

Elective Group 1

  • SOC 2010 Migration and Society
  • SOC 2207 Cultural Anthropology
  • SOC 3000 Social Theory
  • SOC 3509 Race, Class and Gender
  • SOC 3359 Family Violence
  • SOC 3360 Juvenile Delinquency
  • SOC 3600 Human Services
  • LGA 3250 Family Law

Elective Group 2

  • PSY 2250 Death and Dying
  • PSY 2510 Health Psychology
  • PSY 2609 Human Sexuality
  • PSY 3200 Educational Psychology
  • PSY 3260 Counseling Theories
  • PSY 3300 Sensation and Perception
  • PSY 3350 Physiological Psychology
  • PSY 3450 Drugs and Behavior
  • PSY 4100 Learning, Memory and Cognition
  • PSY 4300 Social Psychology

Elective Group 3

  • EDU 2509 Women and Gender in Education
  • BKE 3300 Emergent Literacy for Dual Language Learners
  • BKE 3710 Behavior Guidance in Early Childhood
  • BKE 3720 Emerging Literacy Development
  • BKE 3730/3731 Supporting Early Human Development and
  • Field Component
  • ELE 3755 Arts and Literature for Children
  • SPE 2900 and SPE 2901
  • Diverse Populations and Field Component



  • Two sessions in the Fall (August and October start dates)
  • Two sessions in the Spring (January and March start dates)
  • One session in the Summer (May start date)



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