UX Lab

The UX (User Experience) Lab at Greensboro College

The UXLab at Greensboro College is a state-of-the-art research facility for all types of human subjects and user research. Installed in early 2012, the lab is a showcase of the latest technologies for efficiently collecting user data during focus groups, usability tests, iterative design sessions, and other research methods. It consists of three rooms: the control room, the user room, and the focus group/class room.

Control Room

Control RoomThe Control Room serves as the central nervous system of the UXLab. Researchers and observers sit here during a study. They can observe studies through the two-way mirror, or they can see any camera or computer feed on the flat-panel monitors. The room’s technology includes: Ovo Logger recording and data logging software, with remote observation capabilities Software-based control of camera pan/tilt/zoom and A/V distribution Push-to-talk microphone for communicating with user room and focus group/classroom.

User Room

User RoomThe User Room is the smaller of the UXLab’s two participant spaces. It is set up to look like a typical office: a desk, chair, whiteboard, and bookcase foster a sense that the user is in his/her natural work environment. It can also be reconfigured to look like a living room, a child’s playroom, or any other place where a user might interact with technology. Its technology includes: Two studio-quality cameras Omnidirectional microphone Eye tracker Computer tap Device camera

Focus Group/Class Room

Focus Group RoomThe Focus Group room is the larger of the UXLab’s two participant spaces. It can be configured for focus groups, for training, and for overflow observation space. Additionally, it serves as an interactive and flexible space for design meetings and client conferences, and is also a fully-featured classroom. Its technology includes: One studio-quality camera Two ceiling mounted unidirectional microphones Computer tap Speakers High-definition projector Reception area

Renting the UXLab

The UXLab is available for rental in one of three ways:

Space Only

Rental of the UXLab space only, including usage of all technology: one 8-hour weekday one 8-hour weekend day one week (five consecutive 8-hour weekdays)

Space Plus Lab Technician

Rental of the UXLab space, including full-time lab technician to run the recording software and cameras, troubleshoot technical issues, and answer questions: one 8-hour weekday one 8-hour weekend day one week (five consecutive 8-hour weekdays)

Let Us Run Your Study

Our Human Factors staff and students can work with you to design and execute your study. Pricing is variable depending on the scope of your study, but this is a more economical alternative to hiring an external consultant to run your study. Senior Zach Morton and Dr. Lisa Gunther Senior Zach Morton and Dr. Lisa Gunther demonstrate the technology to a client. Contact: Dr. Lisa Gunther, professor and chair, Department of Psychology 225 Proctor Hall West 336-272-7102, ext. 5593 guntherl@greensboro.edu