Think critically, act justly, live faithfully

What does Greensboro College mean by “think critically, act justly, live faithfully”?

Think critically.

We are a small, private, four-year college of the liberal arts and sciences. This academic tradition prepares students to live as free people with skills necessary to take part in civic life. We emphasize improving students’ skills in information literacy and critical thinking in ethics and values. Core subjects include the arts, the humanities, mathematics, and social and physical sciences. Purposeful learning takes place in small classes with professors who are experts in their subject areas.

Act justly.

Our intimate campus and small classes encourage deep learning with individual attention from faculty and staff. We are evolving into a Universal Design for Learning environment. The principles of UDL recognize that variance in learning ability and style among individuals is the norm and not the exception. Therefore, we strive for a curriculum that is adaptable to individual learning differences, rather than the other way around.

Live faithfully.

Tradition matters here. Founded by Methodists in 1838, Greensboro College encourages and prepares its students to lead lives of purpose regardless of their individual religious affiliation. In the Methodist tradition, we are open to all and care for and serve our community and the larger community, encouraging kindness and ethical decision making.

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