School Of The Arts

School Dean: Professor David Schram

Department of Art

Prof. Jim Langer, Chairperson
Asst. Prof. Brittany Sondberg

Major: Art; Art Education
Minor: Art

Department of Music

Dr. Jonathan Brotherton
Prof. Neill Clegg
Dr. David Fox
Dr. Jane McKinney, Chairperson

Major: Music, Music Education
Minor: Music
Certificate: Church Music

Department of Theatre

Assoc. Prof. Josephine Hall
Asst. Prof. William Perry Morgan-Hall
Prof. John Saari
Prof. David Schram, Chairperson

Major: Theatre
Minors: Theatre, Dance

Fine Arts Scholarships

Students with outstanding talents in theatre, music or art may be considered for a fine arts scholarship valued from ¼ to ¾ of tuition. Auditions and portfolio evaluations are required.

If you’re interested in declaring a major in the Fine Arts, please contact Professor Perry Morgan-Hall for more information about the audition/portfolio process at or 336-272-7102, ext.5744

Please note: Additional institutional aid, including merit scholarships, will be limited for students who receive an arts scholarship.

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