School Of Humanities

School Dean: Dr. Daniel Malotky
Department of English, Communication & Media Studies
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Dr. Wayne Johns
Dr. Kathleen Keating, Chairperson
Prof. Sheila Nayar (on leave)
Dr. Michelle Plaisance

Dr. Heather Chacon, writing director

Majors: English, English & Communication Studies
Minors: English, Communication

Department of History
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Dr. Michael Sistrom, Chairperson
Dr. Allison Palmadessa

Majors: History, History with Social Studies Teacher Licensure, History & Political Science, History & Religion
Minor: History

Department of Religion, Ethics and Philosophy 
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The Rev. Dr. Robert Brewer
Dr. Daniel Malotky, Chairperson
Dr. Jason Myers
Dr. Benjamin Wall


Majors: Religion; History and Religion
Minors: Christian Education & Youth Ministry, Church Leadership, Nonprofit Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Philosophy & Ethics, Religion, Sports Ministry

Spanish Education Program
Edith L. Shepherd, Professor Emerita

Minor: Spanish

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