Adult, Graduate and Online Programs

Greensboro College understands the challenges adult students face, and we offer a variety of opportunities to complete a bachelor’s degree, earn a master’s degree or pursue any of several paths to teacher licensure.


Undergraduate Degrees

For adult undergraduates, in addition to our traditional degree programs, Greensboro College offers several programs designed to help you complete your degree. If you have an associate’s degree, or close to it in academic credit, one of these programs might be forĀ  you.

Evening Program: Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Organizational Leadership and Management

Online Programs:

You can also complete your Education degree and earn your teaching license.

Graduate Degrees

Greensboro College offers six graduate degrees:

The college also offers its Licensure Plus program, designed for people who have bachelor’s degrees in fields other than education. This is a two-part program that enables participants to, first, obtain teacher licensure, and then obtain a Master of Education degree in Elementary Education, Special Education/General Curriculum or Special Education/Adapted Curriculum, along with advanced licensure.

Teacher Licensure

Paths to teacher licensure at Greensboro College include:

Certificate Programs


Questions? Our Adult Admissions Counselor is ready to help: