Library Mission Statement

The James Addison Jones Library supports the academic and social community of Greensboro College and its mission through a provision of collections, services, and facilities that reflect the College’s curriculum, promote information literacy and learning amongst a diverse student body, and support faculty teaching, research, and scholarship.

Revised May 28, 2015

Collection Development

The collection development policy is a document that provides guidelines for developing, maintaining, and planning the collections of the James Addison Jones Library. The collection development plan addresses the missions and goals of the Library and the College, faculty and staff responsibilities, collection development, acquisitions, gifts and donations, as well as remote access to electronic resources.

Collection Development Plan

Instituted Nov. 7, 2014

Facilities Use

Spaces in the James Addison Jones Library, including the Library Classroom, Media Room, Upstairs Conference Room, Bonus Room and Nooks are available for use by Greensboro College students, faculty, and staff, as well as invited guests. Every effort is made to keep Library spaces open and available to the Greensboro College community. Library spaces may not be used for scheduled classes, however sometimes may be reserved for Library instruction or special college events. Please send questions about library spaces and facilities to library@greensboro.edu.

Facility Use Policy

1. Use of Library space is guided by the Library’s mission to serve “the academic and social community that is Greensboro College.” See the Library’s mission at https://www.greensboro.edu/policies.php

2. Library space includes all areas within the Library except for Sternberger Cultural Center, which is not under the Library’s jurisdiction and is scheduled by Conferences and Events.

3. The Library Electronic Classroom (2nd floor) is for library instruction and student use. When it is not being used for library instruction, it is kept open for student use. The Classroom is scheduled by library staff for library instruction (or, rarely, for computer upgrades). In order to be as available as possible to our students who need to use the workstations and need access to reference assistance, it is not scheduled for non-library classes. To the extent possible, we allow other students to use the room during library instruction. The decision whether to allow use by student not in the class will be made by the librarian teaching the class.

4. The Upstairs Conference Room, a study room on the 2nd floor of the Library, the Library Bonus Room, and the Library Media Room may be scheduled by Greensboro College faculty, staff, and students for viewing films or for group study. These study room spaces are not available to Middle College Students. Middle College Students are encouraged to use spaces available within the Middle College. The Conference Room, Bonus Room, and Media Room is scheduled through the website at http://greensboro.libcal.com/booking/roombooking of through Library staff members. These spaces my be reserved for individuals or groups, however, they may not be scheduled for regular classes (e.g. every Tuesday and Thursday of the semester). This is so that they may be as available as possible to our students who need to use the equipment and spaces. These spaces may not be scheduled with outside groups. Faculty, staff, or students may submit a reservation for use of the Conference Room, Bonus Room, or Media Room at http://greensboro.libcal.com/booking/roombooking or by emailing library@greensboro.edu.

5. The two Small Group Nooks in the Learning Commons may be reserved by faculty, staff, or students for small group use. Quiet conversations are permitted in these areas. The TV in one of the Nooks is to be used with wireless headphones so that other Library users will not be disturbed. Faculty, staff or students may submit a reservation request for either of the Small Group Nooks by emailing: library@greensboro.edu

6. The Learning Commons, Reference, Levy-Loewenstein Collection and Lobby area are for the open and regular use of students, faculty, staff, and guests. The following points govern their scheduled use:

a. These areas mush be kept as free for students as possible. Any scheduling of these areas for events is done at the discretion of the Library Director.

b. Events must not exclude faculty, staff, or student from entering and using the area during the event.

c. All setup and cleanup must be arranged by the party scheduling the event—the Library does not arrange or coordinate setup and cleanup. Cleanup must occur immediately after the end of the event.

d. Established noise levels must be observed.

e. Any damage or cleanup needed will be billed to scheduling party and will jeopardize future scheduling.

f. Unless special arrangements are made with the Library Director, these areas may not be scheduled during time the Library is not open. This does not apply to Sternberger because Security is responsible for opening it.

7. Sternberger Cultural Center is not a Library facility and its use and setup is scheduled with Conferences and Events (x5379), not by the Library. Key access to Sternberger is provided by the Security Office only. Library staff are not responsible for controlling access to Sternberger. They do not lock or unlock the doors or supervise or troubleshoot events there. Because access through the Sternberger Center can jeopardize Library security, groups leaving Sternberger should be sure that all doors are locked. If an event is held in Sternberger when the Library is closed, attendees must enter and leave via the patio door, not the Library. Arrangements for food are made with the Catering Office (x5255).

8. The Library Director (x5377) is responsible for final decisions about the use of Library space

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14 April 2011 (rev. 12 September 2011, January 2013, February 2015, May 2016)

Computer Use

We welcome our guest users of the Library and ask that they follow these guidelines.

  • During the regular semester, access to the library is available for guests during the Library’s hours of operation.
  • All guests are expected to respect the nature and purpose of James Addison Jones Library, which is to further the academic community as a place for study, research, creative endeavors, and collaboration. Those who conduct themselves in a manner that impedes, disturbs, or disrupts these endeavors risk the loss of guest privileges and access to Library facilities.
  • Guests may use materials within the library. Borrowing privileges are available for TALA participants.
  • Most computers require a campus network login available only to current Greensboro College students, faculty, and staff. The Library does not offer guest computing services. Guests may use the library’s designated guest computer across from the information desk on first come first serve basis for very brief internet usage and to access the library’s catalog, databases, and to check email. Use is limited to 10 minutes or less and printing is not enabled.
  • Guest access to wifi is available to those who bring their own devices.
  • Note: All residents of North Carolina have access to the resources of NC LIVE both from their public libraries and from their home computers.
  • Photocopiers are available if they are not already in use by Greensboro students or faculty members. Copies are $.10 per page. Guests doing extensive copying will be expected to step aside to allow access to Greensboro students, faculty, or staff.
  • Printing is limited to Greensboro College students, faculty, and staff. Guests do not have a campus printing option.
  • Interlibrary Loan service is available only to Greensboro students, faculty, and staff. Check at your public library if you need this service.
Instituted 21 July 2015

Printing and Copying


There is a printer and a copier on the main floor, directly in front of the main entrance to the library. The copier charges 0.10 cents per page. There’s no charge to print class materials. The printer also allows you to scan and email documents as a PDF.



updated 20 February 2016, May 2016

Triad Academic Library Association (TALA)

(TALA) is an agreement between Triad college and university libraries that allows students, faculty, and staff from the participating institutions (including Greensboro College), access to the circulating collections of all other participating TALA libraries. Considering Greensboro College’s proximity to other Triad area libraries, this is of great benefit to the College’s community. Once students or employees of Greensboro College are verified at another Triad area library through showing proof of their status of student or employee they will be extended access to the Triad library for the remainder of that academic semester. Details of the TALA including the agreement itself, a chart noting the privileges extended by each member institution and a list of the TALA member libraries are located on the College’s website in Policies and under Triad Academic Library Association (TALA).

TALA Agreement

TALA Members

Technology in the Library

The Library houses a lot of technology including 28 computer workstations, 5 laptops that are available for students to borrow for in-library use, a High Definition flat screen television, an up-convert DVD player, a VHS player, and more!

Computer usage is restricted to Greensboro College, faculty, staff, and invited guest.

Installed Programs (as of 02/21/2015)

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Food & Drink Policy

Food and drinks are now permitted in the library. While in the library, special care should be taken to preserve the collection, the electronic equipment, and the library itself (flooring, tables, etc.). This policy is adopted on a contingency basis, and will continue thereafter so long as the library remains clean and attractive. Problems such as damage from spills, excessive loose trash, emergence of pests, etc. will force reconsideration. Library users are implored to use good judgment to ensure that nothing is harmed by food particles or drink spills. “Good judgment” includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cleaning up after yourself and others (crumbs, food wrappings, minor spills).
  • Reporting major spills to a librarian.
  • Making sure that no crumbs or spills fall onto books, computers, etc.
  • Washing your hands after eating greasy foods.
  • Avoid eating large, messy, and/or aromatic (smelly) meals.
Instituted Nov. 15, 2014

Personal Items

Personal belongings should not be left unattended in the James Addison Jones Library at any time. Items found unattended should immediately be turned in at Campus Security located in Main building, room 116. The Library is not responsible for the security of personal items brought into the library, and will not hold patrons’ belongings behind the desk under any circumstances. It is the responsibility of each patron to monitor his or her bags at all times.

Instituted Aug. 20, 2015

Library use by classes

All student are welcome to use Jones Library whenever the library is open.

Instructors assigning library research projects to their students and wanting to bring the students to the library as a group will schedule a library instruction session first. This is done by emailing library@greensboro.edu or emailing a specific librarian.

Instructors bringing their class to the library for follow-up research sessions (without library instruction) will first notify Will Ritter (or the librarian that taught the original session) via e-mail. Please be considerate of time and notify the library earlier rather than later. Early notification makes it possible to alert staff at the reference desk about the assignment.

All students are free to use the Library classroom at any time and the Library does not reserve the computer classroom for any outside classes–only for library instruction. The reason for this is to make computer workstations as readily available as possible to all students on campus. When classes come to the library, they may use open computer workstations as available. Students who have their own laptops may bring them to the library.

Students who do not have their own laptops may use computer workstations as available. If sufficient computer workstations are not available, they may check out laptops (if available), but classes will not be required to check out laptops.

Middle College instructors will supervise their classes while they are using the library. Library workstations are to be used for academic work, so classes should be working on assignments. It is not necessary for teachers to supervise library use by students who are using the library independently, i.e. not as a class.

C. Whittington 9/12/2011, revised W. Ritter 9/28/2015

Service Animals

Service animals are always welcome in the James Addison Jones Library. However, a service animal is NOT a pet. Service animals are trained to enrich the lives of people with disabilities. The Library welcomes service animals because we strive to create a welcoming environment for all Greensboro College faculty, staff, students, and invited guests. Service animals are also permitted under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Instituted Nov 24, 2015

Free Shelf

The Library’s Free Shelf is designed to give a second chance to items being discarded by the Library. The Free Shelf items include items that do not fit the criteria for Better World Books to accept, yet the Jones Library staff feel are too good to be recycled. Items remain on the Free Shelf two weeks. If you see an item you like, donate one dollar and take it home with you. If you don’t have a dollar, but you still want the item, take it with you anyway!

Better World Books

Instituted Oct 17, 2014

Snack Machine

Oh no! The snack machine took my money! What do I do?!

A snack machine that also dispenses coffee is located in the Reference area of the Library. Student development manages refunds for both Pepsi machines as well as the snack machines all over campus. When you lose money in the snack machine please take one of the small brown envelopes located one the snack machine itself and at the service desk . If you don’t see these envelopes, please visit the Library’s front desk to obtain one. You’ll need to visit the 3rd floor of Main building (office 312) to see Darlene Bristow. She will issue you a refund. You will need to go visit Darlene in person to obtain the refund, however, her contact information is dbristow@greensboro.edu or ext 5227.

Gifts & Donations

Gifts of books, manuscripts and similar materials are valued additions to the James Addison Jones Library. Gifts may be added to the Libraries’ general collection, or to the holdings of the special collections. If some of the gifts are duplicates of works already in the collection or outside the scope of the our collections, they may be offered to another library, offered to Better World Books, or discarded.

Materials that fall outside of our collecting scope generally include:

  • Materials in poor physical condition
  • Outdated textbooks, software books, and testing manuals
  • Mass market paperbacks
  • Popular magazines
  • Individual journal issues
  • Non-book formats

Exceptions may also be made for special collections materials, or in cases where a donation will fill gaps in our journal holdings, or may augment demand on specific resources.

Although we acknowledge gifts in a form that substantiates deductions, appraisals of gifts or collections for tax and other purposes must be done by an independent appraiser before the items are received at the Library. The Tax Reform Act of 1984 (see below) established new regulations that affect cumulative gifts valued at more than $5000 in a single tax year. Those wishing to make arrangements to donate materials should contact the Director of the Library, Will Ritter at 336-272-7201 x5734 or will.ritter@greensboro.edu. If you have non-book items that you feel are significant to Greensboro College history please contact Elena Henry, Archives Manager for the Brock Museum at 336-272-7102 x5228 or ehenry@greensboro.edu. See the Collection Development Policy’s section on Donations.

Donations Policy