The Rafiki Newsletter

Greensboro College Rafiki Student Newsletter

Welcome to Greensboro College’s Rafiki newsletter.

This informative, student-focused publication is distributed to our entire campus community and includes information about student life, academic announcements, various events on campus including theatre, music and athletics, non-emergency announcements from our campus public safety, student submitted content and other useful information. 
The Rafiki will publish via email every Friday afternoon. Faculty, staff, and students can submit their events, announcements, recognitions, and other information by completing the Rafiki Submission Form. The submission deadline for each Friday’s newsletter is 5pm on the proceeding Tuesday.

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How It Started:
The Rafiki newsletter was developed on November 2019 as a way to inform the campus community of events taking place, notable things happening in the local and national news, and as a place to highlight articles and videos that helped readers learn about topics surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. When thinking about how best to communicate with students, the college wanted to effectively streamline the method for distributing important news from the various departments into a single vehicle (newsletter). The college decided to expand the original (and successful) Rafiki newsletter to have a broader focus though it will still include important topics relating to diversity, equity and inclusion.
The Name:
The name was inspired by the wise baboon in the ‘Lion King’ that served as a leader among the lions.The word “rafiki” is Swahili for friend or companion. There isn’t a better word to represent a newsletter meant to build community.