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"It Stops Here": An announcement from President Lawrence D. Czarda, Ph.D.

Dear Colleagues and Students:
It has been reported that during a special performance Wednesday of the play “It Stops Here” for First Year Seminar classes, several audience members made comments that were offensive and sexual in nature. Under our new Sexual Misconduct policy, the comments that have been reported qualify as sexual harassment. The Title IX Coordinator has reviewed the reported comments and has asked the Title IX Investigator to gather additional information to determine who is responsible for making the comments. The college is pursuing a formal complaint of sexual misconduct against the students and is working to identify them. Upon results of the investigation, those found responsible will face disciplinary consequences.
Everyone in the College community – students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors – should be aware that Greensboro College takes the issues of sexual harassment and sexual assault extremely seriously and will not tolerate them. This year, under the new Sexual Misconduct Policy (which was adopted May 1 by the Board of Trustees and which took effect July 1) and in accordance with federal mandates, the College has instituted and conducted training for students, faculty and staff as part of our start to the fall semester. 
In addition to this training, members of the College faculty and staff have embraced the student-written and -directed production of “It Stops Here,” which is about sexual assault and harassment on campus, as a way to bring more attention to the topic of sexual misconduct on our campus and other campuses nationwide. As a result, all First Year Seminar students were required to attend a performance, and many athletic teams are attending performances as required by their coaches.
However, Wednesday’s incident makes clear that we as an academic and social community still have much to learn. That includes all of us, not just a few students. In addition to the Title IX investigation, the college will be reviewing and discussing the entirety of the context of the incident. Among many other questions, we will address such issues as what faculty and staff who were present might have done differently. Beyond meeting our legal obligations, the College’s goal is to make this incident a learning opportunity for the entire College community. 
As the opening of a Title IX investigation indicates, the behavior by those individuals at the screening yesterday is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The student actors on stage are telling stories of an extremely sensitive nature that should be viewed in a respectful manner.  We expect no less of our students, who should know better than to make light of an extremely serious subject that affects us all. Again, we will not tolerate sexual harassment on our campus.
I encourage students to attend this production to learn more about sexual assault and to support your fellow students. “It Stops Here” will run ThursdaySaturday nights at 7:30 and at 2 p.m. Sunday.
And I encourage all of us to reflect upon what has happened, what harm was done, and how we might act so as to prevent similar incidents in the future. Just as every member of the College community is legally entitled to and deserves an atmosphere free of sexual assault and sexual harassment, so does every member of the College community have a role to play in creating and maintaining that atmosphere. I call upon all of us to do our parts, now and every day.

Lawrence D. Czarda, Ph.D.