IT Services

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As an institution devoted to universal design for learning, Greensboro College places emphasis on the procurement of technologies that will develop and improve all students’ strategies to master learning objectives. To meet these goals, the college provides the best possible technologies in classrooms, laboratories, and studios, and it supports those technologies for efficient and effective educational outcomes.  

Information Technology

Information TechnologyGreensboro College Information Technology (GCIT) provides technology support and services to enhance the learning experience of our students, to assist in the research and instruction of our Faculty, and to enable Staff to perform their duties effectively and efficiently.

To this end, GCIT develops, monitors, and supports the infrastructure that provides access to our various technological resources.

You will find a list of links below that have useful information about some of our services, along with a brief summary of what you will find when clicking on each link:


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Moodle is Greensboro College’s community course management system. It is where all faculty, staff, and students find information, where students turn in assignments or forms, and where everyone on campus interacts with each other.

It’s easy to use. You can log in to moodle at: or click Moodle on the College’s web pages.  You also use the Moodle change password option in your Moodle profile to change your email password.

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Telephone Service

Greensboro College has a state-of-the-art Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) digital communications system. The system is designed, installed, and maintained by the IT staff with input and suggestions from the campus community.

We have an increasing list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the fac/staff intranet to provide self-service assistance