IT Services

As an institution devoted to universal design for learning, Greensboro College places emphasis on the procurement of technologies that will develop and improve all students’ strategies to master learning objectives. To meet these goals, the college provides the best possible technologies in classrooms, laboratories, and studios, and it supports those technologies for efficient and effective educational outcomes.  

Information Technology

Greensboro College Information Technology (GCIT) provides technology support and services to enhance the learning experience of our students, to assist in the research and instruction of our Faculty, and to enable Staff to perform their duties effectively and efficiently.

To this end, GCIT develops, monitors, and supports the infrastructure that provides access to our various technological resources, including:

  • Wired Internet Connections to every office, classroom, and dorm room
  • Wireless Internet in every office, classroom, dorm room, and common area
  • Moodle Learning Management System
  • Google Apps for Education
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems to protect our students, faculty, and staff
  • Local, secure file sharing and collaboration tools for administrative tasks
  • Campus phone and voicemail systems
  • Many other services to ensure maximum availability and performance of the college’s technology resources

You will find a list of links below that have useful information about some of our services, along with a brief summary of what you will find when clicking on each link:

  • Software and Downloads: Various software packages recommended and/or supported by the College, such as antivirus and other utilities.
  • Google Apps: Information about the Google Apps for Education domain.
  • Moodle: Information about the College’s Learning Management System, Moodle.
  • Policies: Information and guides to help ensure the proper use of College technology resources.


Please use this form to request assistance with Empower. Provide as much detail as possible about your issue.


Information And Instructions For Extron Equipped Rooms

In some of the Classrooms throughout Greensboro College we have rooms equipped with Extron Audio Visual Equipment. Some of the features of Extron is that it is all controlled through a master wall control. That means no remote is necessary to use it or control the projector, etc.

Building Locations & Room Numbers: Cowan 209
Cowan 301
Proctor Hall East B12
Proctor Hall East 122
Proctor Hall East 214
Proctor Hall West 125
Proctor Hall West 223
Proctor Hall West 316
Proctor Hall West 321

Extron is also installed in the Campbell Lyceum in Proctor Hall West First Floor.

In each one of the Extron rooms we have installed a standalone computer connected to the Internet with programs to play video/DVD files and the Microsoft Office suite for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. use.

Advantages to using the computer are that it is there and setup, you can use a USB flash drive, and the Internet does not rely on wireless. Also you can play DVD’s through the computer. The computers are however loaded with the deep freeze security software so please don’t use them to save work on.

To use the provided computer in the room

Turn on the projector using the wall On/Off switch and make sure PC is selected for the source on the right in the listing of controls.

Next turn on the computer and login with either your GCNet Username and Password or Locally to the machine as

username: gcguest and password: gcguest

Once logged on using gcguest you could use a flash drive to pull in a powerpoint or use the Internet to display websites, etc.

Also you can adjust the sound for PC using wall Panel (Sound plays over the in-ceiling speakers).

If you want to use the Computer to play a DVD:

Insert the DVD and a menu will pop up with a few options.

Select the option that says “Play DVD movie using VideoLan VLC media player. (2nd option)

The Video Lan Player will pull up and from there you can double click the image to play it in Full Screen mode.

Double click again to return to normal screen mode and close out when done.

The Audio for the Extron systems is designed as to be at a not loud level for normal so start halfway and adjust the volume up to 3, 4 or 5 lights to obtain the volume level you desire.

To us a laptop with the Extron system

Sometimes if you have something already setup and ready on your own laptop or are used to using your own laptop it is more convenient to use a laptop with the Extron systems. If you want to use a laptop with the system there is a bundled cord coming out of the desks in the room that you can use to hook up the laptop. Hook that cord up first, if you will be using/needing Audio it has an audio cord built in with it that you can plug up to your Headphone out jack on your laptop.

First turn on the Extron system using the Controller on the wall and then also select Laptop from the controller.

If nothing is displayed when the system is on and Laptop selected you might have to press a key combination on your laptop to “send” the signal to your external video port. A list of common key combinations is provided but typically it is the “Function key” and and “F-key” such as F-4, F-1, or F-8.

If you experience problems with the sound, check your sound first without it hooked up to the laptop, make sure it is working and then hookup the audio cable to your Headphone out jack, it should work, however audio adjustments might be necessary – check things like headphone out, etc. and make sure they are turned up, etc. The system is also optimized so that even turned up all the way it won’t be too loud so 4 lights for volume gets the Audio where you need it usually.

If you experience general questions or problems using Extron please contact us using the General Support Request located on the Infotech Website. Also if you have any comments on these instructions contact us on the website.

With Extron No Remote is Needed to turn on/off projector or select your input source.

PLEASE ALSO MAKE SURE YOU TURN PROJECTOR OFF WHEN DONE IN CLASSROOMS, they will stay on indefinitely if not turned off. Also close the door since we now have computers.


Moodle is Greensboro College's community course management system. It is where all faculty, staff, and students find information, where students turn in assignments or forms, and where everyone on campus interacts with each other.

It's easy to use. You can log in to moodle at: or click Moodle on the College's web pages. You use the same username and password as you do for email. You also use the Moodle change password option in your Moodle profile to change your email password.

For Moodle assistance, please email

Telephone Service

Greensboro College has a state-of-the-art Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) digital communications system. The system is designed, installed, and maintained by the IT staff with input and suggestions from the campus community. Service began in July, 2014, and the expected completion of commissioning and cut-over from the existing analog PBX is September, 2014.

We have an increasing list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to provide self-service assistance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for VoIP

NOTICE: The new PBX is still changing daily. Expect frequent interruptions in service and feature changes. We will try to keep your existing analog phone active for your daily business, but feel free to practice with your new VoIP phone! Please, do not print this page. Content changes frequently, anyone can read it on-line, and it will save a tree and College dollars.

I do not have a VoIP phone. Or, I have a VoIP phone, but it does not work.

See the above notice. We'll get there ...

How do I place a telephone call?

Place a telephone call in the same way as with any other telephone: Pick up the handset, press the number keys, and wait for the called party to answer.

I notice we all now have four-digit extensions. Can I just dial the old three-digit extension?

Yes, but this is not a life time guarantee. Get in the habit of dialing 4 digits.

What if I need to place a call to someone off campus?

Dial the off campus number in the same manner as an on-campus extension.

Do I have to dial "9" to get an outside line?

No, but it will not bother anything if you do dial "9" before your off-campus number.

How do I dial a number outside the 336 area code?

If the number is in the USA or Canada, dial the off campus number in the same manner as an on-campus extension.

Do I need to dial "1" before making a long distance call?

No, but it will not bother anything if you do dial "1", or "9,1", before your off-campus number.

Do I need to dial an account code before making a long distance call?

No. All calls in the USA or Canada are local calls.

Do I need to dial the "336" area code?

No, but it will not bother anything if you do dial "336" before placing a call to a number in the 336 area.

What is my extension number?

Dial 9300, and the PBX will tell you your extension number.

How do I use the speakerphone?

Leave the handset on-hook, and dial the number, and wait for the called party to answer. "Look, Ma! No hands!" Or, just press the speaker icon during a call and hang up the handset. Adjust the volume using the volume control. No, the volume control does not adjust the volume on the hand set.

Does my phone have Caller ID?

Yes. If the calling party has not blocked caller id, you will see the name and telephone number of the calling party. Yes, this includes callers from off campus. It's magic. Outgoing calls have the College main number and Greensboro College as the caller ID information. Your extension number is not passed to Caller ID. Certain emergency phones pass different caller ID information and automatically play a message when the call is answered to enhance the ability of first responders to locate the emergency. Emergency lines also provide E911 location data unique to each of our non-contiguous locations.

Why is there a four-second pause after I dial my number?

Your telephone is waiting to make sure you have completed dialing all the digits you wish to dial.

Do I have to wait? I'm in a hurry!

Nope. Just press the pound sign (#), and the number will be dialed immediately.

I have a colleague in Kenya. Is there an inexpensive way to call her?

Yes. If your friend uses VoIP, you may make a "SIP call" by dialing her SIP number. It's free anywhere in the world.

Can my colleague in Kenya call me inexpensively?

Yes. Our SIP number rings our main College switchboard, then she just enters your Greensboro College extension. "SIP calls" from anywhere in the world are free.

I'm on the road a lot for Greensboro College. Can I forward my phone to my cell phone?

Yes. Dial *72, then enter the number to which you would like all calls to forward. Yes, you may use an external number, such as your cell phone. To un-forward, Dial *73.

Do I have voice mail?

Yes, but it may be erased before final comissioning of the new telephone system.

How do I get to voice mail to hear messages?

Press the button with the little envelope icon on your phone, or dial 6500. This extension may change before final commissioning of the new telephone system. Once voice mail answers, follow the voice prompts for your four-digit mailbox and enter your password.

Can I have my voice mail sent to me by e-mail?

Yes. When someone leaves a voice mail for you, our PBX automatically will send you an e-mail alert with a WAV audio file of the message as an attachment.

Do I have to use all those buttons?

No, but just having them will impress your students during office hours.

What are all those buttons beside the paper list?

Well, they can have a dozen different functions ...

Function Use
Speed dial Program the number of someone you call often, then call by just pressing the button
Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Program the extension of your colleague's phone, and monitor their line -- on hook, ringing, talking. And, yes, it is also a speed dial for the number.
  Let's not get too complex.

Why do I have three (or six) lines?

See above about office hours. We will likely use the first line as your public extension number. This number will be listed in our web directory and the voice prompt directory. The second line will likely be your unlisted, or private, extension. This number will not be published, so only give it to those you really want to call you. Let your imagination run wild about the others.

Why do I need those arrows?

Think computer keyboard. You can explore what is behind that display. Yes, we will lock it.

My phone seems to have a mind of its own. It will just reboot and change the display, or even start working!

That's just your big brother over in IT programming your phone.

Are my phone calls recorded?

Not now. That is a policy decision. But our PBX does have the capability to record all calls, or to record a call on demand by pressing a key sequence. If you receive a threatening call, this could prove useful. We do log all incoming and outgoing phone numbers and call duration for accounting purposes. Security will have a real-time display of the call log.

How do I transfer a call?

It depends upon the model of phone you have.

  • Corded (models GXP2130, GXP2160, GXP1165): Tell the person on the line that you are going to transfer them. Press the call transfer button (The one with the two telephone icons with an arrow between the two). When you hear dial tone, dial the extension. Yes, the extension can be an external number. Press the Transfer key indicated by the blue bar at the bottom of the display. The person you were talking to is now connected to the extension you entered, and your phone is no longer busy.
  • Cordless (model DP715): Tell the person on the line that you are going to transfer them. Press the Recall button (It is the right arrow button on the handset). When you hear dial tone, dial the extension. Yes, the extension can be an external number. Press the pound (#) key. When you hear the parties talking, hang up. You can use the Recall button to reconnect to the person who called you at any time during the transfer, and also cancel the transfer. For example, use Recall if you get a person's voice mail.

How do I forward my phone line?

Dial *72, then enter the number to which you would like all calls to forward. Yes, you may use an external number, such as your cell phone. To un-forward, Dial *73.

How do I place a call on hold?

Press the "||" icon on your phone. The in-use line will flash red. Press again, and you have the calling party back.

How do I conference a call?

Well, there is conferencing and CONFERENCING. If you just want to add another party, press the conference button (the one with three heads as a logo). When you hear dial tone, dial the third party, and you are all three on the line. Now, if you want to have a real teleconference with lots of callers, conference ID numbers, and such, then you want a Meeting Room. Stay tuned for details.

What happens if someone calls me while I'm on the phone?

If you have a multi-line phone, then your second line will light up and ring. Tell your current party you are placing them on hold, and press the hold button (||). Then press the second line, and answer the call, or put them on hold, too. Just keep pressing lines and hanging up on people until all the calls on hold are gone. If you have a cordless phone, you will get the proverbial "cell phone beep" to alert that you have a waiting call. Press the Recall (the right arrow key) to switch between calls.

Who decides what the Music on Hold (MOH) playlist contains?

I asked faculty and staff for suggestions from a royalty free web site If you have a request from the site, enter it at .

How do I use the voice-prompt directory?

Dial 6800, and follow the voice prompts. When calling in from an outside line, listen for the directory menu option.

The volume on the handset seems low. Can an accommodation be made?

Yes. IT can program your phone for more volume. Place a request at .

Something to think about ...

Departments and organizations, such as theater, can have their own auto-attendant. For example, "For upcoming sports events, press 1". Our PBX can place high-quality sound files. "To hear a segment of the 2013 recital, press1". And so forth. You will update your content by dialing an extension, just like recording your voice-mail greeting.

You will be able to set up teleconferences by dialing an extension. Voice prompts will walk you through the reservation process.

I have an unanswered question about our telephone system. What do I do?

Visit and enter an IT trouble ticket.

This list will grow as we add more features!