International Programs

Dear International Students,

Welcome to Greensboro College! As a student, you are invited to participate in all parts of the college community: research and academics to develop your knowledge, activities and events to share camaraderie with other international students, athletics and campus events to make friends and memories, student support services for language, academics, and career development to discover your personal skills for success.

Academic Quality

Greensboro College has a strong local and historical reputation and provides a liberal-arts education unlike any other, covering a breadth and depth of academic subjects. Our graduates develop abilities and skills in critical thinking, analysis, and communication that are necessary for professional success. The faculty members of Greensboro College teach more than 1,000 different courses directly to students; we do not hire graduate assistants for teaching. We also maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio. These strengths mean that all students may have direct contact and communication with their professors, who are experts in their disciplines.


Student Body

Students at Greensboro College come from many backgrounds and countries. Current undergraduate international students represent more than 10 countries and five continents! With a variety of cultures on campus, you will find students, faculty, and staff who are welcoming and supportive. Many current students are local, too, though, and readily share their experiences, knowledge, and networks.


Support services

Our faculty and staff are aware of the unique needs of all our students, so we provide encouragement and accommodation for each person to be successful in and outside the classroom. Students have access to a variety of services that ensure a positive experience at Greensboro College, including all aspects of personal, spiritual, and academic life. The PEAK provides a range of academic supports, from making academic major decisions to developing study skills.

The Office of International Programs is the main point of contact for international student needs. Services you can use include U.S. student visa support, airport pick-up on arrival, and coordination of programs throughout the academic year.

At Greensboro College, you will experience a supportive environment where you can achieve academic and personal success. We welcome you to the Greensboro College community!


Before you arrive


International Student Admissions Information:

See how much credit you might already have accumulated with the World Education Services preliminary evaluation equivalency tool.

The Office of International Programs works closely with all other campus support services, especially the Office of Admissions, to support international students! As you prepare to apply to Greensboro College, you can expect assistance from both offices.

When an international student is accepted to Greensboro College, the Office of International Programs provides a range of support services.

Pre-Arrival Support

Post-Acceptance Phase

Assistance with understanding:

  • Student tuition and fees;
  • The U.S. student visa process;
  • On-campus opportunities, such as clubs, athletics, and student groups;
  • Residence life, such as housing and dining.


One Month to Two Weeks Pre-Arrival

  • Reminders to complete new student procedures;
  • Coordination of airport pickup when students provide the completed Travel Itinerary form no later than 2 weeks before arrival;
    • Note: this can only be provided for flights arriving to Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, NC. Students must make their own travel arrangements to Greensboro College if arriving to other airports in North Carolina, including: Raleigh Durham International (RDU) or Charlotte Douglas International (CLT).
  • Coordination of dorm room key pickup with Residence Life Staff;
    • As many international students arrive before or after the official student check-in, the Office of International Programs will collect international students’ dorm room keys on their behalf to be handed-over to the student on pick up from the airport or arrival to campus.
  • Basic dorm room setup provided;
    • International students are provided with a Welcome Package that includes a campus map, information about Greensboro College, student activities, some basic introductions to the greater Greensboro community, and some small comfort items to ease the first nights on-campus (snacks, water, etc.).
    • For those students living on-campus for 2 or fewer semesters, a lending closet of linens is available for loan (extra long twin sheets, 2 pillow cases, a duvet); students coming to Greensboro College for more than 2 semesters should arrange their own bedding.
    • All students should arrange their own pillow.
  • Provision of preliminary orientation to Greensboro College, Greensboro, and American culture
    • Moving away from the reductionist perception of “burgers, jeans, and movies” as quintessentially American;
    • Instead emphasizing exposure to American/Greensboro Collegian philosophies of higher education, interpersonal communication, and expectations of student engagement.
    • Information on Pride Page Portal registration, fees, tuition, courses and enrollment, residence life, etc.

Visa Procedures


Visa Procedures






The visa wait-time tool on this U.S. State Department page will help you estimate how long you will need to obtain a visa.

The first step in obtaining a US student visa (F-1) is acceptance to Greensboro College. Once the admissions criteria are met, accepted students will receive an acceptance letter. Accepted international students must pay a $200 enrollment fee to reserve their place.

International students should provide proof of sufficient funds to cover the cost of attendance; Greensboro College provides form “affidavit for financial support” to accepted students.

When Greensboro College receives the $200 enrollment deposit and proof of sufficient financial support, the office of international programs issues “Form I-20” directly to the accepted student.

Then international students should proceed with the student visa (F-1) application procedures with the appropriate embassy or consulate of the United States. International students applying for a US student visa (F-1) must:

  • Possess a valid Form I-20,
  • Provide proof of payment of I-901 SEVIS fee,
  • Meet all visa requirements,
  • Use the same Form I-20 for payment of the I-901 SEVIS fee, all visa application steps, and admission to the United States at the port of entry.

Most international students will be required to complete an interview at a US Embassy in their home country. At this interview, you’ll be asked to present identification, Form I-20, and proof of payment of the I-901 SEVIS fee.

When all student visa (F-1) application requirements are met, the US Department of State will issue the student visa (F-1).

When international students enter the US, they will need to present the Form I-20, the student visa (F-1), along with appropriate identification, e.g. a passport. It is also important to note that international students may not enter the US more than 30 days before the program start date. For example, if Greensboro College’s fall semester begins on August 15, international students may not enter the country before the 15th of the preceding month.

Once international students arrive to Greensboro, N.C., they must report to the director of international programs within 30 days of their arrival date. That check-in is to ensure international students arrive to Greensboro College safe and sound and to provide additional information and orientation.

Additional Student Visa Information

  • All Applicants: U.S. government regulations require Greensboro College to obtain financial verification for all foreign applicants who are (or will be) F-1 visa holders. Greensboro College complies with these laws and regulations by requiring applicants to complete the Affidavit of Financial Support/Certification of Finances. This form is provided to all accepted students. Please note that if your funding will come from more than one source, you should copy the form as needed for each sponsor. The totals from all sponsors, family funds and any aid from Greensboro College must total the estimated cost of tuition, fees and other expenses as listed on the affidavit. Successful documentation of these funds, acceptance to Greensboro College and payment of the $200 enrollment fee will result in the issuance of an I-20. The I-20 is required to participate in a visa interview at a U.S. Embassy during the student visa application process OR for the processing of your transfer from another U.S. college/university.
  • All Applicants: All visa applicants are required to have a visa interview at a U.S. Embassy. In addition, in order to validate the I-20 issued to you by Greensboro College, you are required to pay a SEVIS Fee (form I-901). This may be paid online via credit card and verification of payment must be made before a visa will be issued to you.
  • Transfer Applicants: Students who wish to be considered for transfer to Greensboro College from another U.S. college/university must submit: (1) a Transfer Clearance Form; (2) a copy of current I-20 and/or I-94; (3) an official transcript from their current/previous institution(s) and a current Affidavit of Financial Support/Certification of Finances. Good academic standing and maintenance of full time status at your current/previous institution(s) will be verified. Please be aware that Greensboro College encourages participants in the Youth for Understanding Program to return to their home countries to comply with the two-year home stay requirement prior to making application to our institution.
  • High School Applicants: students who attended high school in the U.S. must provide copies of all immigration paperwork at time of application. Specifically, we are looking for an I-94 (Evidence of Lawful Presence) and/or other data that provides visa type and duration of stay restrictions. A copy of your I-20 or IAP-66 will also be helpful.
  • Resident Aliens (green card holders): Non-U.S. citizens currently residing in the U.S., who have secured a Resident Alien card from the U.S. Department of Justice-Immigration and Naturalization Service, must submit a photocopy of the front and back of their Resident Alien card. This information is shared with our Financial Aid Office, as resident aliens are eligible for federal aid under the same guidelines as U.S. citizens.
  • All Applicants: Prior to, or upon arrival at Greensboro College, you must submit all applicable Enrollment Handbook forms to the Office of Student Development. Included in those forms is an immunization record. International students must be compliant with all immunizations and are required to receive a tuberculosis test in the Student Health Center within their first two weeks at the College.


Arrival and Settling In

Day of Arrival

  • For students arriving to Piedmont Triad International Airport
    • If the service has been requested at least 2 weeks before arrival, students will be driven from the airport to Greensboro College;
    • Students will be given the keys to their dorm room and assisted in being dropped off there.
  • Students arriving to Greensboro College from other airports should arrange their own transportation to Greensboro College.
    • Students using this option must coordinate with the Director of International Programs to pick up their dorm room key between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Students will be provided information on dining hall opening days and times as well as the location of restaurants within walking distance of Greensboro College.


Soon After Arrival (Within the First Week of Classes)

  • Campus tour;
  • Invitation to a dinner with all international students (new and continuing);
  • Grocery store and essentials shopping trip;
  • Excursion to set up a bank account and establish local phone service.


International Student Life

On campus

Activities and Clubs

Watch this space for news and information about programs and events for international students. Past events have included:

  • Welcome dinner
  • Networking with local businesses
  • Hiking trips
  • Local business tours
  • Trips to local attractions

In Greensboro

Visit Greensboro

After graduation

Career and Personal Development