Give to GC: Peter Doub Society

Greensboro College’s Peter Doub Society recognizes individuals who have made provisions for the college in their estate plans. Such provisions may take the form of a bequest, a life insurance policy with GC as a beneficiary, a charitable trust with GC as the beneficiary, title to a primary residence, or other planned gift arrangement.

Gifts are designated or restricted according to the donor’s wishes. Most often, donors direct planned estate gifts to the college’s permanent endowment, either to general scholarship or operating funds, or to create a named endowment to honor someone special for a specific purpose in perpetuity.

Listing in the Peter Doub Society is a special distinction, signaling the donor’s understanding that planning now for a gift beyond their lifetime is the way to help secure the future of Greensboro College.

Because of the great variety of giving vehicles, donors are encouraged to work with their personal financial advisor and/or attorney to determine the most suitable structure for their gift. Our Institutional Advancement officers can work with the donor and their advisor to plan and document the donor’s intention for the gift after it is realized in the future.

For more information about planning a gift to Greensboro College, contact Anne Jones Hurd ’81, Vice President Chief Advancement Officer, at or 336-272-7102, ext. 5743.

Members as of June 30, 2017

Helen Dickens Alspaugh ’55

Judy and Glenn E. Anderson Jr.

June Anderson ’69

Tommie Foscue Arnold ’64

Mack S. Ballard

Judith Ross Barringer ’70

Nan and John Bayersdorfer P ’94

Jane Sloan Belkin ’45

Lynda Dorrler Boone ’69

Martha Foster Bradberry ’74

Gail Wooldridge Brooks ’58

Martha Brady Bruton ’47

Dr. Olena Swain Bunn

Linda Pryor Carroll ’60

Toni and Rev. Phillip K. Cates ’86

Mary Jenkins Cilley ’52 and J. Harper Cilley III

Elizabeth Phillips Cook ’59

Dr. Carolyn Chappell and Dr. Lawrence D. Czarda

Charles M. Deland III ’97

Dr. Charles F. Drawdy II ’70

Judith Harris Eason ’65

Martha Bruce Ehrlich ’70

Anne Hensley Farren ’66

Gayle Remmey and Horace Faucette

Dr. Michael T. Fitch and Missy Hoschouer Fitch ’95

Beth and Bob Fonorow

Dr. Tiffany McKillip Franks

Kay Scott Gardner

Dr. Gregory Giebel

Mary Elizabeth Pugh Gildersleeve ’38

Kelman P. Gomo

Kevin M. Green ’78

Linda Spears and Dr. Alberto Grignolo

  1. Kathryn Hamilton ’71

Annie Henry ’68

Jane G. Hobson ’59

Dr. Linda Padgett Hollandsworth ’69

Gail Brower Huggins ’65

Anne Jones Hurd ’81

Margaret A. Hurst ’79

Betty Ellington Jacobsen ’61

Molly Lambeth Johnson ’51

William L. Johnson

Rev. Judith O. Jolly ’67

Gene Edwards Jones ’58 and Frederick T. Jones Jr.

Frederick A. Kelly Jr. ’77

Soo Johung Kim ’56

Dr. Candace Lambeth Kime ’69

Janella Kirk ’42

Deborah LaFountain ’73

Nancy S. LaFountain P ’73

Lynn Lewis Lane ’73

Geoffrey W. Lassiter ’99

Michael Layman ’72

Annette Lancaster Litzenberger ’64

Dr. Joseph C. Lowman ’66

Barbara Hollowell Lyon ’58

Rusty Mader Esq. ’68

Carol Thorneloe Mankowski ’67

Anita Cross Medlin ’59

Katherine Anthony Milikin ’56

Jo Ann Webster Moore ’57

Russell R. Myers ’82

Dennie and Walter Dennie

Sylvia Hester Pakradooni ’59

Christopher L. Parrish ’95

Martha G. Parsons ’59

Marlene Vest Perrotta ’65

Mark L. Pollard ’66

Dr. Isabelle Reedy Powell

Philip M. Price ’67

Sharlia Brasington Ragan ’58

Margaret Hartsell Ranson ’49

Cynthia J. Reece ’77

Marty and Keith Richardson

Mildred Yost Rives ’42

Doris Long Seagle ’56

Rebecca Cheek Searcy ’62

Valoree E. Shinn ’56

Mary Ann Mitchell Sikes ’47

Edward H. Smith Jr. ’67

Sharon Wells Sondrini ’67

Eva Moore Thomas ’47

John A. Tricoli III ’81

Patricia Hughes Troxler ’60

Barbara Reynolds Valentine ’57

Grace Taylor Van Nortwick ’40

Garry R. Ward ’94

Elizabeth A. Werner ’97

Thomas W. White ’67

Betty Jane Farrell Williams ’58

Dr. Eleanor Boyd Wright ’60

Nancy Miller Wright ’69