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Defining the Path

At Greensboro College, we’ve always loved helping our students define their own paths to a fulfilling future. Now, we’re Defining the Path for our own institution — and for the future of liberal-arts education — by addressing the critical issues of academics, access, affordability, degree completion and career readiness.

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Taking Action

We’re taking intentional action in several areas to ensure all students get what they want and need from us, and to give more students access to a Greensboro College education that empowers them to define their own path.


We are examining and evolving our liberal-arts education so that students can better connect their studies to their passions and to the needs of contemporary society.


We are strengthening our connection to the local, regional and global community to give students greater access and a broader perspective on their world.


We are expanding internship and career opportunities by connecting students with businesses and nonprofit organizations with close ties to our faculty, staff, alumni and advisory councils.


We are improving our physical facilities and caring for our beautiful historic campus in the heart of Greensboro.


We have realigned our tuition and institutional financial aid programs to make a Greensboro College education more accessible and affordable to students and families.

We understand what today’s
students and parents want most:

Access to a great education.
A degree they can actually afford to finish.
And real direction as students navigate their way to a successful career and a meaningful life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How Greensboro College Is Addressing Academics, Access, Affordability, Degree Completion and Career Readiness.

  • What’s different about the Greensboro College curriculum?

    Our experiential education curriculum has always provided students with the strengths of a liberal-arts education: a strong foundation in critical thinking, analysis, and communication. What makes Greensboro College different is the amount of direct, one-on-one support students receive from their professors and advisors. We understand that figuring out what to do with the rest of their lives—and how to do it—is not easy. That’s why we guide our students every step of the way, from choosing a major to finding an internship to figuring out which career path is right for them.

    While we continue to offer such traditionally strong majors as English, education, and business administration, we’re also attuned to our evolving society and offer programs to address our most relevant needs, such as majors in Human Development and Family Science, Health Sciences, Exercise and Sport Studies, and Urban Ecology, as well as concentrations such as Digital Music Production and Human Factors Psychology.

    Through this powerful combination of relevant curriculum and effective guidance, our graduates will be prepared to succeed as ethical, informed citizens in an ever-evolving world.

  • How is Greensboro College improving its connection to the community & careers?

    Our location on the soon-to-be completed Downtown Greenway provides easy and convenient access to the central business and entertainment district. We are working with partners at every level — in the city of Greensboro, in the Triad, across the state of North Carolina, across the country and around the world — to expand the exciting experiential learning and service opportunities for students, here in Greensboro and through study-away and other programs. Already, about 99% of Greensboro College students complete at least one internship or practicum before graduation; this initiative will provide even more opportunities to bring learning to life and help students connect their studies to the world around them.

  • How are the physical space and facilities at Greensboro College improved?

    We are in the process of a number of exciting improvements to our campus, including enhancements to our technology infrastructure, buildings and common areas.

    This year we will open the first phase of the First Citizens Bank Global Communication Center on the garden level of Jones Library. In addition to the professional writing consulting that the college already offers, the center eventually will feature a recording studio for students to produce podcasts and high-quality audio; a space for students to video-record oral presentations and receive expert feedback; and digital workstations that allow students to produce multimedia-rich projects for courses across the curriculum using state-of- the-art software.

    Construction has begun on a new Athletic Training Center in the north side of Hanes Gymnasium. Once the new center is complete, the existing Campbell Athletics Center will be renovated into a new Student Center that will provide additional gathering space and dining options for students, including a Starbucks coffee shop and a small convenience store.

    We are one of five campuses selected to participate in a two-year Duke University research project to implement a wellness app for students.

    We have installed powerful fiber-optic cables and new network equipment in a number of buildings on campus, resulting in a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure for Greensboro College.

    Our new campus signage, installed in early May, looks great and has made the campus easier to navigate. With significant maintenance and improvements all over campus, our historic campus has never been more beautiful.

  • How much is the new tuition?

    Beginning with the fall semester of the 2019-2020 academic year, we will realign our projected tuition and fees to $18,500 (down from $30,440). This alignment will make a Greensboro College education accessible to many more families by bringing the tuition “sticker price” more in line with what a typical student actually pays in tuition.

  • Will scholarships and grants still be available?

    Yes. In addition to participating in all federal, state and local financial-aid programs, we will continue to offer a full range of Greensboro College scholarships and grants, including academic, fine-arts, mission-related and need-based awards. The amounts of these awards have been realigned to the new tuition price.

    We will continue to evaluate the financial-aid eligibility of every student individually, to best align individual needs with available resources. We expect that this realignment will make a Greensboro College education accessible to even more students and families.

  • Which students will be affected by the tuition realignment?

    Only traditional undergraduate students will be affected by the tuition realignment beginning in Fall 2019. Graduate, online and adult student tuition rates are not affected by this realignment because their rates were previously adjusted.

  • How does the realignment affect new students who would begin enrollment in Fall 2019?

    All new undergraduate students for Fall 2019 will receive the realigned tuition price and be eligible for all realigned financial aid programs.

  • What if I’m a current student? Will I pay the old tuition or new tuition? What will happen to my scholarships?

    Current students will have a choice: stick to their current financial-aid package based on a normal tuition increase, or accept a new package built around the realigned tuition and restructured financial aid and/or scholarships.

    An individualized comparison packet has been prepared for every current student returning for the 2019-2020 school year. This packet summarizes each student’s financial situation for this current year (2018-2019) and estimates the financial situation for next year (2019-2020) based on the two options for tuition. Each student is encouraged to choose whichever option makes the most financial sense.

  • When and where can I pick up my comparison packet?

    The packet is available to be picked up in person on Monday, Oct. 15, from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Lea Center. Greensboro College staff will be available to walk anyone through both options, answer questions, and help each student make the decision that is best for them and their family by Nov. 28.

    On Tuesday, Oct. 16 through Friday, Oct. 19, the packets will be available in the Financial Aid Office. Packets that are not picked up by Friday, Oct. 19, will be mailed to the home address we have on file.

  • Why would Greensboro College lower its tuition?

    We’re ranked in the Top 20 among Southern regional colleges in U.S. News & World Report’s 2018 Best Colleges ranking, and we believe that the kind of experiential education you get at Greensboro College — highly personal, highly supported, and in a great city — should be accessible to more students. And with the current tuition “sticker price,” some students and families might not even consider a private college as a realistic option. While we know that scholarships and financial aid can significantly lower the final cost of attending Greensboro College, not everyone takes that into account when deciding where they’re going to apply. By lowering tuition from the beginning, we want to give all prospective students and parents a better understanding of what a Greensboro College education costs. We also want to ensure that our current and future students are receiving the greatest value for their dollar.