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Anne Rudd Galyon & Irene Cullis Galleries

The Anne Rudd Galyon and Irene Cullis Galleries are located in Cowan Humanities Building on College Place on the Greensboro College campus. Normal exhibition hours are 9 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays and 9 a.m.-noon Saturdays.

Except as noted, admission to exhibitions and receptions is free, and the public is invited.

Gallery exhibits are curated by James v. Langer, professor of art and chairman of the Department of Art at Greensboro College. For more information call Langer at 336-272-7102, ext. 5361, or email him at

Feb. 15-March 10, Anne Rudd Galyon Gallery
"The Celtic Fantasies of Paul Nixon"
Photography, wood carving, cast cement

Nixon displays works in various media that reflect on Irish spirituality and folklore, from carvings of nature spirits and faeries to photography of a 13th-century cathedral built on a site whose religious roots date back at least 700 more years.

Nixon writes:

My skills as a woodcarver and sculptor have allowed me the opportunity of photographing my works and illustrating them as black and white images. This allowed me an exciting way of bringing each of my characters to life. Influenced by my grandmother at a very early age, in a thatched cottage with no electricity and running water on the side of a 2000 foot mountain in County Sligo, my life was filled with magical experiences. My grandmother was, in a way, a mystical woman who had great knowledge of the surrounding lands,  the plants and trees all supported by the entities that guarded their safe keeping. "You must have the greatest respect for these beings", she would say, "for to cross them would bring serious consequences." The images that she created in my mind never left me. Now as an artist, I can share them with you.

"The Red Man"


Feb. 15-March 10, 2017, Irene Cullis Gallery
Biennial Faculty Art Show
various media

Enjoy the works of four members of the Greensboro College art faculty:

  • Sculpture by Brittany Sondberg, assistant professor of art.
  • Video and performance art by Matthew Hayes, instructor of art
  • Paintings by Jared Slack, instructor of art
  • Drawings and paintings by Jim Langer, chair, Department of Art.

Slack writes of his work:

The paintings I have chosen for the Greensboro College faculty exhibition show my love for color, my interest in the abstract side of the landscape, and the way that man interacts with nature. I really enjoy water in all of its forms, and my paintings express some of the different forms, some in the interesting forms and colors of the clouds and some in the bright abstraction of reflected forms on the surface of water.  I love oil paint and the physicality of the paint. I want my paintings to look like they were painted, as well as representing the image I paint.

"Washing Our Toes," Jared Slack

"Out Late," Jared Slack