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Greensboro College Alumni Email

All alumni and seniors in their final semester at Greensboro College are welcome to have a free alumni email address created for their personal use.

In fall 2011, all active Greensboro College email accounts were transferred to a Google-based system. As do current GC accounts, alumni email accounts will have access to additional features such as Google Docs and Google Calendar. The email address will be similar to your student account name and be addressed as part of the system (for example,

Current seniors: You must request an alumni email address. Student accounts are not automatically transferred into the alumni email system.

To have an alumni email account created, please contact Elena Henry at 336.272.7102, ext. 5228, or by email at

You may also fill out the form below to have instructions for setting up your Greensboro College alumni email account sent to your current email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t log into my account I have had for several years. How do I get the old account back?
If your or email account was not transferred to the Google system, a new email address will need to be created for you. All alumni email accounts that had been active within one year of the transition were transferred over. Unfortunately, individual emails from the old system cannot be recovered.

Can I have my email address be different than my student email address?
Special requests to change your email address may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. These will typically be granted for reasons such as alumni who are known by their middle name or a shortened form of their first or middle name, such as “Chris” for “Christopher.”

Will the current emails in my student account be transferred to the new account?
No, unfortunately, emails cannot be transferred automatically between Greensboro College accounts. We offer alumni email accounts to seniors during their last semester of study so that individuals have time to forward emails from their student accounts to their alumni accounts before the student accounts become inactive.

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