Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice

We are dedicated to developing analytical and critical-thinking skills through core courses, global theories and cross-cultural topics and perspectives.

Sociology involves the study of how human behavior is shaped by the groups people belong to and interact with. Intertwined with sociology, our criminal justice program is an interdisciplinary course of study designed to provide students with an understanding of the key components of the current criminal justice system in the United States. In both sociology and criminal justice courses of study, in-class assignments, research projects, internships and community service activities offer students opportunities to apply their knowledge and experiences to practical social issues and future careers.

Criminal Justice (B.A., B.S.) Major

Students experience a strong liberal-arts general education that tackles complex issues in our justice system. Majors gain a deep understanding of forensics, the courts, corrections facilities and issues surrounding diversity.

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Sociology (B.A., B.S.) Major

Students become sociology experts through rigorous coursework and research in one of three sociology concentrations: general studies, human services, and cultural and diversity studies.

  • Concentrations:
  • General: Students can craft their own areas of interest to prepare themselves for various careers or graduate programs. Students gain a strong foundation in sociology through core classes in research methods, social theory, race, class, gender and their capstone class.
  • Human Services: Students will be uniquely prepared for jobs or graduate schooling involving social work, probation, youth services, advocacy work, government agencies and work with private service providers.
  • Cultural and Diversity Studies: Students primarily focus on culture and diversity. This course of study is an interdisciplinary concentration, and it allows students to take a wide variety of classes, while still getting an in-depth understanding of social theory and research. Students can pursue a wide variety of careers, including advocacy work with diverse populations, human rights organizations, law enforcement, and business.
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    B.A. or B.S. in Human Development and Family Science (interdisciplinary)

    For students who want to give families and children their voices in the community to fulfill their dreams and goals.

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    Criminal Justice Minor

    A criminal justice minor provides students with a foundational understanding of our justice system. Minors require 20 credits to complete.

    Sociology Minor

    A sociology minor provides students with the basic concepts and tools in one of the same three concentrations. Minors require 20 credits to complete.

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