Online Programs: Bachelor in Business Administration in Organizational Leadership & Management

A degree-completion program designed with YOU in mind …

For the unanswered questions keeping you from completing your bachelor’s degree, we have answers. For the challenges delaying that job promotion or career change, we have proven solutions. We provide a fl exible schedule and continued support with our Bachelor of Business Administration in Organizational, Leadership, and Management (OLM). This is a contemporary and unique degree-completion program that truly caters to adult students. This particular program is designed for adults who want to continue in their profession while completing a degree in business that is cutting edge in today’s business environment.

The OLM program is a 124-credit-hour program that allows students flexibility. Students who graduate with the degree have earned 72 credit hours of required concentration courses and 52 credit hours of elective, transfer or experiential credit. Those who have already earned an associate’s degree or are close to earning one can complete the program in two years. Students who do not have an associate’s degree have the opportunity to design their program plans with challenge exams, experiential credit and elective courses that fit their needs.

At Greensboro College, we take adult students as they are and get them where they want to go. The OLM program is customized to ensure that students who have busy lifestyles because of work and family, have options available to allow them easy access to education and their desire to complete their degree.

For more information on the OLM program or any other adult program at Greensboro College, contact The Office of Adult and Professional Programs at 336-217-7284 or email

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Required Organizational Leadership and Management Courses (72 credit hours):

  • Economic Issues
  • Emerging Markets in a Global Economy
  • Environmental Science
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Foundations of Economics
  • Human Capital Development
  • Leadership
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Management
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Professional Communications
  • Special Topics in Fine Arts
  • Statistics
  • Strategic Decisions
  • World Religions

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