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Professional consultants offer assistance in the areas of writing, speaking, and producing digital media projects, with a choice of online or in-person sessions that are free for the Greensboro College community. A web-based appointment system allows students to reserve time slots with our consultants. We also serve walk-ins whenever possible.


Occupying roughly 3,000 square feet, the center is located on the garden level of the James Addison Jones library and promotes universally designed educational experiences. The main entrance is adjacent to the parking lot behind the library. Resources include a video recording room; a podcasting studio for creating individual or group podcasts or audio projects; collaborative spaces to facilitate peer activities, equipped with some computer workstations; a reception area with a charging bar for mobile devices and a small activity room that doubles as a kitchenette; and a classroom. Computer workstations include the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite along with other media software. Video, audio, and portable digital equipment can be checked out with a Pride card. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to enjoy the center’s comfortable seating–café-style tables and bean bag chairs—and upgraded wifi access.


In fall and spring semesters, the center delivers diverse programming to promote students’ exploration of multimodal communication techniques in academic, professional, and personal contexts. Workshops, reading groups, guest speaker series, the GCC Fellows program, student contests, and external partnerships with the local community offer opportunities to meet new people, make new connections, and refine the soft skills most highly valued in the modern workplace.

Mission Statement

The First Citizens Bank Global Communication Center supports Greensboro College students in their development as versatile communicators in a diverse, media-rich world.  Aligned with the institutional vision of a transformative, universally designed educational experience, the center offers consultations in the areas of writing, speaking, and producing digital media in an accessible environment; provides services that promote students’ exploration of multimodal communication techniques in academic and professional contexts; and tailors communication instruction to individual students’ needs.

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