Download Greensboro College Videos

Would you like to keep a copy of a Greensboro College video for personal use? You may download these videos by clicking on the desired link.

2019 Commencement

2020 Commencement


View the HD graduation video by clicking the play button on the screen below. (TIP: You can click the full-screen icon to enlarge the video once you start playing.)



Download your personal copy of the graduation video by clicking the link below

Download gc_graduation_2020.mp4 (7 GB)

Here is a reduced version of the video that will fit on a standard DVD.

Download gc_graduation_revised_1080p_3.5Mbps.mp4 (2 GB)

About video files

Video files tend to be large. This means that it may take many minutes, or even hours, to download a large video file on a home Internet link. Also, you must have enough space on your computer to hold the downloaded file, so please check before you start the download. (Tip: You may see free disk space in your folder viewer. If you are not sure how to do this, just Google for your computer type and “view free space”, for example, “windows 7 view free space”. The size of our video is posted along with the link.)

(TIP: If you have limited Internet bandwidth at home, do not try to view the video and download the video at the same time.)

How long will the download take?

A 2GB file will take about 2 hours using an 8 Mbit/s download speed, or 3 minutes using a 100 Mbit/s download speed.
A 7 GB file will take about 1 hour using an 8 Mbit/s download speed, or 10 minutes using a 100 Mbit/s download speed.

How do I play the video?

Once the download is complete, how do you play the video? First, you must have a media player program on your computer. Linux, Apple, and Microsoft Windows operating systems generally have an appropriate program already installed.

If the video file is on your hard drive, just double-click the filename, and the video should play. (Tip: Your video may be in your Downloads folder.)

How can I save a copy of the video to give to a family member?

Video files are just like any other file, so you may copy the file to a USB drive or “burn” the file to a CD or DVD disk. Most disk players manufactured in the last five years will play video files and music files directly from the CD or DVD, just as though the file were on the hard drive. (TIP: If you try to play a high-resolution video file from a USB drive or CD/DVD drive, your computer may have trouble reading the file fast enough to provide smooth playback. If so, try copying the file to your hard drive.)

How can I show my video on my TV screen?

Newer computers have a HDMI or DisplayPort connector to hook to your computer monitor screen. Most newer TVs have an HDMI input, so just connect your computer to the TV, and use your TV like your computer monitor. If you have a laptop computer, you can still use the HDMI or DisplayPort connector to use the TV as an auxiliary screen. If you are not familiar with activating a second screen, just Google for your computer type and “second display”. for example, “windows 7 second display”.

If you have a smart phone with a enough memory, you may download the video to your phone and use screen mirroring to cast the video on your compatible TV.

Can I just play the video from your YouTube link?

Of course you can follow our link to YouTube to see the video without downloading. But, the video will not always stay on YouTube. You use a great deal of cell phone data each time you watch the video. If your Internet or cell service data is slow, you may experience choppy or pausing video. Once you have downloaded the video file, you do not have to have an Internet connection at all to play the video.

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