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  First-year students in the George Center for Honors Studies

The George Center for Honors Studies
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"The team-teaching in my Honors Courses gives me a great opportunity to understand topics from different perspectives."

Patrick Hayes
Class of 2013

Where you are at the center!

The George Center for Honors Studies at Greensboro College. This is where you can learn about life in the Center from the people who know it better than anyone: the students. Read their stories. Ask a question. We're a little different, but we think different is good. A great education and a t-shirt, too!

For a limited time, we'll be doing a weekly drawing to give away a free George Center for Honors Studies t-shirt to people who post a comment or ask a question. We only have a small quantity of t-shirts left—let’s hear what you have to say.

Program Director

Dr. Jessica G. Sharpe
Associate Professor of Biology;
Interim Director, George Center for Honors Studies

235 Proctor Hall East
(336) 272-7102, ext. 577


Featured Stories

 Jessica Quah - Junior
"Honors students learn not only to set high standards for themselves, but also to surpass them."  Read Jessica's Story.

   Stuart Allen Davis - Junior
"Honors opens the door for you to think outside of the here and now; to connect to our culture today with all of human history."  Read Stuart's Story.

Q&A with Dr. Jessica Sharpe
"What's ironic and truly special about this tight-knit family is that they're from all disciplines–biology, theatre, religion, etc. It's the open sharing of all their different perspectives that creates a sense of unity among them and develops them all into better thinkers."  Read the Q&A.